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  1. So I have a 06 banshee and I am a first time owner and new to the Atv world. I have a really clean almost stock banshee. It has t5 pies and v force reeds. I also removed the air box and have 2 k&n style filters an and tors delete. I don’t know what is the issue with it. I’ve been told that it should want to come off the ground as soon as I take off in first gear. I have never ridden a banshee before but that is not the case. The last time I rode it it was acting like it had no power and kept getting stuck. I took off the Jetts and they are 330 and 27.5 and im at sea level on the Oregon coast. I would like some input if these jets are good or what I should do to make my bike run like it supposed to run. I have general knowledge of how they work but not sure what the issue might be any info would greatly be appreciated please and thank you .
  2. I have a 2006 banshee, stock 350cc engine, stocks carbs, stock air filter, and SLP pipes. I am planning on purchasing a "athena 68mm big bore cylinders 421cc stroker crank pistons pro head." and new carbs, been looking at lectrons but all the reviews I've seen suggest buying keihins. I use my banshee for street and dirt, any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. My banshee is running off of one cylinder(right only) and it won’t idle. Compression is good, leakdown test held 6psi for 6 min. Tried everything I can. New plugs, cleaned carbs thoroughly, floats good, swapped plug boots, swapped reeds, stator is spec. I am ready to give up, need some help
  4. Ok so I'll make it simple for now there's more mods to the motor, but for now I'm currently running stock carbs and vforce reeds what do you guys think if I put a 2 in 1 intake on a 4 mill?? Will it loose power? Can it gain more power? Better throttle response? More speed less speed? Good or bad idea? What are the pros and cons of a 2 in 1 on a 4mill? If good idea what size carb is good and what intake? Thanks for the help
  5. Hey guys first post here I just bought an 03 banshee last summer and I am looking for some aftermarket parts!!!! Willing to pick up in the cenral Minnesota area!, let me know what you have! Thank you
  6. I bought a banshee last summer with a trinity stage 4 2 to 1 carb/intake on it. Would like to go back to 2 to hopefully gain some power. It is currently bored to 358 (65 mm cylinders). Suggestions or advice?
  7. Need parts for a 2000 banshee headlightS,stock exhaust,front tires ,stock carbs,stock ignition, Front fenders blue color and nerf bars please email wIth pics brfa58@yahoo.com thank you
  8. Hey, guys just recently picked up another banshee from Craigslist (my 96 got stolen now I got a 98) and right when I got it I tore the top end apart and threw those piece of junk stroker plates (I don't know why everyone near me uses them) and got my cylinder bored and honed to 64.50mm also got some new wiesco 795 pistons and I did not port my cylinders so I just got my head cut from Mull. It does have stock carbs and there way out of tune bogging everywhere. It has 420 mains and 30 pilots. My question is what pilots and mains should I run? 150 above sea level and I'm going to be running it at 10 to 20 Celsius , Here are my mods. 4 mil long rod Stock. Cylinders 64.50mm bore no porting Stock carbs No air box just a k and n with outerwear Tors delete, twist throttle Stock head cut for 92 octane Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hey guys got these carbs for sale, they're stock and they do come with intake boots and cables. 100 firm not going lower. VForce's are extra give a offer. Plus shipping. Text me at 7789807080 for pics, it's not letting me upload. Thanks.
  10. CLICK HERE FOR PICS --------> http://mr1hundred.imgur.com/all/ All these parts came off a 2001, i bought the thing as a roller + the engine was in pieces All price are in USD + Shipping, i live in ontario, canada (postal code L0P1K0), prices are gifted or buyer pays fees if you want more pics or anything let me know Coolant Bottle: 5 +shipping (i have 2 of these) stock Clutch lever w/sensor, parking brake, parking brake wire (no clutch wire): 30 +shipping Tail light w/bracket: 15 + shipping y-2 cylinder head: 30 +shipping (no pitting but the bottom half of the left side was a little darker) 64mm Cylinders: 180 +shipping (also have the pistons if you want them ill send you pics, they are kinda black on the top so i wont ask for much) Airbox w/boots but no lid: 25 + shipping (there is only 2 of those clips on the side) Carbs w/tors: 60 + shipping (i opened them up they have 210 mains) Intakes+ boost bottle: 40 + shipping stock swingarm: 20 +shipping Bad axle carrier: 10 + shipping
  11. Like new 34mm Alky PJ Carbs for banshee want 200.00 with shipping included in the total. Any question call or text 620-639-1339. Thank you
  12. Looking to trade for some gas 34 0r 35 keihin carbs. asking $200 any questions call/txt 909-261-6058 will putting up pictures soon
  13. hey guys took my carbs apart and cleaned them now thats its back togather there both gushing fuel out the vents and the back of the carb bells. the bike runs fine no problems with the idle or bogging whiles its doing this. i have stock carbs, tors removed with center needle clip and 270 mains an 25 pilots. just did needle and seats in april along with full carb rebuild. i havent messed with it since but im going to soon im kinda thinking floats are out of adjustment...what do you guys think? PS its done this before but never this bad it usally came out of it.
  14. Doing a little fall cleaning, and need to make some space in my apartment. Got some stock stuff for sale. Open to all reasonable offers. Everything is in working condition of a '99. Located in NY. http://imgur.com/a/m2m66 - Pics of current stuff for sale. Will delete pics as things are sold. Everything in the pics is what I have. What's missing is missing unless otherwise noted. Prices include USPS Flat-Rate shipping, but PM me and I'm sure we can work something out. $60 Stock carbs- Previous owner made idle screws, but they're slightly too long, but run perfect. Use em as parts, or cut down the screws. $10 Head gasket- New in package Winderosa head gasket for stock head. Will throw in used one if needed as well. $60 Clutch- Stock full clutch assembly minus fibers. Basket has normal grooving, doesn't cause creep. Ball included, not pictured. $5 Boost Bottle- Just pay shipping. Only if someone needs it, otherwise it's going to the trash. $15 Voltage Reg- Stock, in working condition. Only selling because I'm going with a DC conversion. $10 Light/Stop switch- No wiring touched. Removed as I went with a CR-style kill. $10 Impeller- Stock impeller, only about 2 seasons old. Little to no wear, no warp. Swapped for a billet one. $10 Boots- Mikuni 34mm intake boots Part VM34-200. Fits 30-35 Mikunis and Keihins. Have the allen screws for them. Coming soon: Stock 65.50mm cylinders, MX/Woods port by Diggin Racing, and WSM longrod forged pistons, and 22cc PD 4mil cut domes. If interested, PM me as well.
  15. hey everyone, i bought mayself another banshee, in overall good shape. it does need new crank seal (stator side) and a top end. they guy told me that the head studs were stripped out and that was the only issue. i found the seal issue and that the cylinders will need bored if anyone is gonna buy them. they are stock but the studs on top have thread inserts holding them in, IT IS COMPLETE, but i will list some...ALL PRICES ARE PLUS SHIPPING AND OBO!! for more info or picture of parts text 814-558-5431 or PM me. what you see is what you get. air box, filter and lid- $50 intake boots (all 4)- $35 nice plastics yellow monster energy- make offer rims and tires- $80 rear $75 front rear axle and carrier- $85 seat no rips w/ cover- $55 radiator- $40 reed cages and reeds- $40 Boost bottle $20 Swingarm- $60 complete motor ( cylinders need bored out but are stock, have seals just need put in- make offer a arms- Make offer tie rods- $40 steering stem- $40 stator (belive its aftermarket)- $75 CDI box- $60 Coil- $50 Harness- $40 key and on off switch- $45 Carbs with slides and cable- $85 thumb throttle- $30 Flywheel- $75 sprockets- $40 both Rear brake system- $70 front brake system- $75 rear hubs- $35 Front spindles- $55 Handle bars- $25 Gas tank- $40 kick start- $35 shocks- make offer headlights- $45 bumper (aftermarket)- $45 wheelie bar- $20 pro circuit pipes- make offer shock linkage, misc nuts and bolt and whatever i am missing make offer.
  16. decided to put together a banshee and auction if off for tornado victims in Moore. My house is roughly 50 yards from homes that are totally lost. I'm hoping to get donations and spend a little cash and build a shee. Need Basically everything. I have a frame being shipped in and getting ready for the build. Please let me know if there is anything you guys can donate or sell on the cheap. i'll be posting pics of the progress as we get closer. my name is Cody 4058089666. please hit me up and i really appreciate you guys taking the time. this is the best site/community i've ever come across and look forward to working with you guys.. THANKS
  17. Ok guys i got an '05 Hybrid I built. New top end, head shaved, flywheel lightened, +5 timing advance, VForce3 reed system, Flotek ported, individual UNI POD filters, shift star mod, NGK B8EG plugs, FMF fattys and Power Core II silencers(pipes are cut and custom fit to remain in frame on the hybrid, they are now a mid range pipe instead of the normal low end fmf fatty) i run AV100LL mix 40:1 with Klotz super techniplate. my Main jets are 310 my needle is factory and set to factory position, and my pilot jet is 27.5. here is the problem. bike starts fine, first kick(most of the time without the choke) idles great comes off idle great it snaps. it pulls supe hard on the top end. the problem lies with the mid range.like i said idles fine comes off idle fine but when i ride in lower 3 gears the mid range is bad it hesitates and is erratic. i have tries all position on the needle and doesnt seem to change much if anything. i rode it aroung in the RPM range that it "acts up" for about 5 minutes and the plugs were kinda wet or oilly so i would assume rich, but i tried all the different needle positions and doesnt seem to work. like i said the pipes are custom so i imagined it would be finnicky to jet but dont know which way to go when it doesnt seem to change with the needle. could i need a different taper or design of needle? ive never messed with different needles before just change position. and help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I have a set of Keihin PWK 28mm carburetors that have been painted black. I had LeD Performance do a 30mm taper bore on them as well. The come with K&N pod filters, filter socks, and stock manifold setup. I am selling the entire setup (I WILL NOT SEPARATE ANYTHING) for $300 shipped. Text @: 503-757-652six email @: the_ghost_flame@yahoo
  19. Well i've had my banshee for about 5 months but i've always had this problem where it doesn't start when its cold but i spray some starting fluid and it starts on the first kick and once it warms up i don't need to spray any starting fluid to start it back off when i turn it off what do you think might be the problem?
  20. i was told when i purchased my banshee that it had 20cc domes and tm32 carbs and therefore i could run pump gas with no problem, well upon teardown for a top end rebuild after a 70/90 compression test i have verified that what i actually have are 18cc domes and mikuni t34 carbs. now my understanding is that with 18cc domes i should be running race fuel, correct?. and if so what octane should i be running?
  21. I want to build a 4mil cheetah any help out there. im gone run the bike in a 8th mile just want to knw a good powerful 4mil set up cheetah. im not dead set on a cheetah motor but want somethin thats going to hold its own.
  22. I am selling 421 serval motor complete and it has the following pro lite pistons, cool head domes cut by andy to run av fuel, vforce3 reed and spacers and stuffers. This motor will come with stator and has a billet clutch basket. Now the motor only has about 1 and half tank ran though it and thats no lie its all new. I will try to have pics by the end of the weekend. Please make offers i'm not quite sure what i should ask for it. I also have small bore cpi inframes that are pretty much brand new $500 for them. I also have 34 tm carbs for $250. Everything is pretty much new.
  23. So i took off my carbs and did some cleaning. once i put everything back together, I wanted to start the banshee. But once I opened the fuel valve under the tank, the right carb overflow hose had a stream of fuel coming out of it! the banshee does not start and the only way to stop the fuel from flowing is to turn off the valve. Any ideas?
  24. Parts are on ebay if someone wants something let me know and I will end auction early http://www.ebay.com/sch/robert0762ll/m.html?item=261146428272&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ccd8a4370&vxp=mtr&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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