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Found 9 results

  1. Selling my trinity 420 long rod banshee title in hand extended swing arm alky carbs lockout clutch 17cc domes cut frame Twist throttle several tires custom airbrush drag pipes lightened flywheel timing plate any interest best to contact me via text or phone call 8am-8pm 567-two zero four -2658
  2. Hi I have a 2004 Yamaha banshee LE and I need a set of heel guard tabs that are welded to the frame. I know it has to be a drag banshee guy with a set .
  3. This is my first banshee I will be building. I took it apart and noticed the front end was damaged pretty bad. Is this something that can be fixed or should I just buy a new frame? Rather not buy a new frame. Had a budget on this build. I am not very good at fabrication work so I would have to take it somewhere if it's fixable.
  4. Let my buddy drive my banshee last year down my driveway and back... Long story short he sent my banshee threw my garage door. Broke a lot of stuff and tweeked my frame pretty good. Im going this weekend to look at a 1989 banshee that has almost everything i need but its a J arm frame not an A arm frame. Just wondering if everything will bolt up properly?
  5. Hello Everyone I welcome you to my horror Story, Hopefully I can get some of my questions answered and some help to steer me in the right direction. I recently bought a banshee 01, it's my first 2 stroke. At time of purchase banshee had FMF head pipes + FMF core 2 silencers, UNI filter, Stock stroke crank, 66.25 Pistons, stock cylinders, Stock carbs with air box + lid running 300 main, 25 pilots, Gas was pump premium with 32:1 mix of BenoL, at the time of purchase Compression test was not done, just a quick ride through the gears and did notice neutral was very hard to find Also noticed that when you stand the banshee upright oil would leak out from somewhere though at the time i figured it was just overflow from somewhere After couple days riding, coolant starting leaking from the head or somewhere in that general area as the coolant started to leak on the head pipes. Replaced the radiator with an over sized one, filled with 50/50 coolant, Still same issue. Next took of the cylinder head , sanded down the top of the head slightly as it was a little nicked up, replaced the head gasket. This solved the coolant leak issue. Next ride, I started to notice that oil was dripping heavy out of the silencer pipes, I pulled off the spark plugs and they were fouled with oil, replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the carbs and went down to 280 main + 25 pilots still, Issue was still there so I went to local Yamaha dealer and they recommended to change the type of 2 stroke oil I use, I switched from the BenoL to amsoil dominator at new ratio of 40:1. This did not solve the problem. I also changed the transmission oil to belray and did notice that the oil was very watery and milky when it was flushed out. Next ride, I noticed that the banshee was not getting alot of power and kept bogging down, As i was attempting to get the bike out of the woods and back onto my trailer, the bike in mid 3d gear just stopped lost complete power, and smoke started coming from the head, I managed to push it to trailer and when I got home , I opened the cylinder head and saw that my pistons were now trash and so was the cylinder head . Further inspection i noticed that the crank rod was loose and there was alot of play up and down as the bearing inside the rod ( i think that's what it's called ) somehow ended up not there and now somewhere in the bottom end. I ended up stripping the bike completely down and as a newbie I broke some parts along the way including cracking the engine cases as I'm a dumb ass who didn't just buy a 40.00 case opener and followed some dumb youtuber smack the case open with a rubber mallet, I also noticed when I removed the clutch basket that it had alligator teeth as shown in the pictures, and that the Water pump plastic gear which is on the impeller was completely stuck on it that I had to drill a hole into just to remove though it was spinning I could not pull it off like the manual said ( yes I removed the cir-clip and washer) My issue is now I need some direction of how to properly rebuild this motor and with proper parts I ended up buying a used Crank from some random guy on craigslist , When i inspected the crank there was no play in the rods and just looked like seals need to be replaced and all the gears and bearings spun freely. How do i make sure this crank is ok? Can i take it anywhere to have it balanced to make sure it is spinning straight? Bought a new top and bottom case from ebay with No Chain break, had the cases bead blasted. I have included a picture of how I want the motor to look and I know it will not be cheap, I just want it done right, I'm not looking to resell it but ride it. Frame, steering stem, foot pegs, swing arm was powder coated Hot Candy Blue Bought new bushings and bearings for every part, new Mullen water pump impeller, new main water pump gear, V force 4 reeds, New uni air filter , PJ1 OIL and cleaner Since I will be boring the cylinders to their last bore ( not sure if it is last bore) 66.50, is it even worth it to do that? Or should i search for a pair of stock jugs with 64.00 bore and buy pistons for them. I will be buying a cool head, which type and dome size do I go with? , Im in NJ and sea level is 219 above, and I want to run premium gas with no race fuel What do I do with the cases if im trying to get that look in the photos? Have them polished? Painted? Pro's / Cons What do I do about the cylinder head? Keep it ? Replace it with Cool Head?? Why did my bike shit on me? What could have caused this failure? Crank? Oil? Water pump? The previous owner who didn't take care of it at all? Riding it in the cold? I don't want to put this motor back together and have same BS issues. Any help any suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated. If you made it this far thank you. http://s1148.photobucket.com/user/Bansheenjx/story Please look at the photos I have taken
  6. I have been busy and unable to keep on top of the part out. So I'm just gonna re post and start over. Sorry to anyone that I didn't respond to. I know I'm to list prices, but I'll except offer. I have everything but carbs, PM or text 814-558-5431 with an offer or ask for a prices and I'll search it on eBay. Can't upload a pic. But I will send upon request! Have pro circuit pipes, nice plastic, Thank you for your time. May part out motor
  7. hey everyone, i bought mayself another banshee, in overall good shape. it does need new crank seal (stator side) and a top end. they guy told me that the head studs were stripped out and that was the only issue. i found the seal issue and that the cylinders will need bored if anyone is gonna buy them. they are stock but the studs on top have thread inserts holding them in, IT IS COMPLETE, but i will list some...ALL PRICES ARE PLUS SHIPPING AND OBO!! for more info or picture of parts text 814-558-5431 or PM me. what you see is what you get. air box, filter and lid- $50 intake boots (all 4)- $35 nice plastics yellow monster energy- make offer rims and tires- $80 rear $75 front rear axle and carrier- $85 seat no rips w/ cover- $55 radiator- $40 reed cages and reeds- $40 Boost bottle $20 Swingarm- $60 complete motor ( cylinders need bored out but are stock, have seals just need put in- make offer a arms- Make offer tie rods- $40 steering stem- $40 stator (belive its aftermarket)- $75 CDI box- $60 Coil- $50 Harness- $40 key and on off switch- $45 Carbs with slides and cable- $85 thumb throttle- $30 Flywheel- $75 sprockets- $40 both Rear brake system- $70 front brake system- $75 rear hubs- $35 Front spindles- $55 Handle bars- $25 Gas tank- $40 kick start- $35 shocks- make offer headlights- $45 bumper (aftermarket)- $45 wheelie bar- $20 pro circuit pipes- make offer shock linkage, misc nuts and bolt and whatever i am missing make offer.
  8. decided to put together a banshee and auction if off for tornado victims in Moore. My house is roughly 50 yards from homes that are totally lost. I'm hoping to get donations and spend a little cash and build a shee. Need Basically everything. I have a frame being shipped in and getting ready for the build. Please let me know if there is anything you guys can donate or sell on the cheap. i'll be posting pics of the progress as we get closer. my name is Cody 4058089666. please hit me up and i really appreciate you guys taking the time. this is the best site/community i've ever come across and look forward to working with you guys.. THANKS
  9. not included: brake line, caliper, master, front hubs and wheels, levers, carrier, kill switch or cdi. will sell all, have a rad plastics and drag seat can include also. shoot me a PM. swinger is a +6. bar uses 6 heims joints, very easy to ride for a stock frame, pretty light. t bars, subframe, struts all 4130 .058 chromoly. has been 4.10 at 80 on sand and 6.0 at 100 on 500' dirt. only selling because i am upgrading the chassis. might part out if i get enough interest. $800 for whats listed.
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