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  1. From the videos you have posted, I believe that you are hearing your aluminum labyrinth seal "clicking" between your two inside crank bearings. The video that confirms this best for me, is where you are rotating the flywheel by hand. This is a common issue we see with factory crankshafts, where there is no o-ring located on the lab seal. Most aftermarket crankshafts have at least one, if not two o-rings installed to prevent the seal from moving side to side. You can confirm this to be your issue by simply unbolting your reeds from the cylinder and rotate the flywheel by hand just like you did before. The crankcase will no longer be sealed and thus, put little to no pressure on the lab seal back and forth. If the clicking is now gone from removing the reeds , the good news is - it really is not hurting anything and a repair is not required immediately. However, to repair the issue, an o-ring should be installed on the lab seal. If you remove the reeds and the clicking persists, I would recommend that you tear down and inspect for a damaged bearing on the crankshaft. Good luck! -Chris
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