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Found 7 results

  1. Hey gang, not sure if the forums are still as active as they were before FB came along but I figured I would try anyways, so here goes. I recently picked up a basket case for a good price and the PO said it had issues with spark, so being pretty ok with electrical stuff as I completely wired my XR650R and learned a great deal while doing. Anyways, I get the quad home and immediately start tinkering and I find the tors box still connected yet all the tors stuff was deleted. I unhooked it and bam it sparked. Then in the process of trying to start it and tune it I found a air leak in the crank seal and a few other issues so I tore down the engine and did a complete rebuild. I got it all back together and crank it over and I had it running and began tuning it, this is where my issues started. I removed the carbs to install bigger pilots and it wouldn't start, so I began with checking for spark and there was none. I tested the coil and the primary tested within spec and I tested the secondary as the clymers says and nothing, I check resistance accross both boots and it was within the clymers specs, interesting. I then checked the stator and all of that, except the lighting coil, tested within spec. I then checked all wires for continuity and they all checked out (there is no key switch, so the red/black was tied directly into ground as it should be). I tested the kill switch and it didnt show continuity on or off, so I took it apart and cleaned the contacts, so that is fixed now. I then checked all my grounds and even added a grounding strap from a head stud to one of the coil mounts just to make sure the motor had a good chassis ground. I also checked the pickup gap and set it to .016". Heres where it gets interesting, I checked the voltage output from the stator ignition coil and it would read between 5-8 volts (between red and green at the stator plug) and then I read the voltage output from the CDI at the coil plugs and it only read .4 volts. After seeing that, and knowing that the capacitor within the CDI should be putting out more than its getting in I figured my CDI was shot. After all that, I ordered a used OEM CDI, a used OEM Coil, and a new RS Stator (was checked by F.A.S.T. before shipment) and I hooked it all up and still no spark. The stator and coil checked good as far as Ohm readings go and I have yet to check the CDI voltage output to the coil. I also tore apart the harness and checked wires for damage and found the harness was in good shape and I rechecked and made sure to sand clean all the paint from chassis ground locations. Sorry for the long post but in an effort to be thorough and paint a complete picture of my issues it needed to be this long. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to try next? Unfortunately I dont have anyway to swap parts from a known running banshee as I dont know anyone locally who has one. I am at my wits end trying to figure this thing out, and I find it highly unlikely that I received 1 or more DOA components.
  2. How much would it cost for a whole new electrical system
  3. So I had to redo the o-rings on my cool head and after putting it back together the kill switch isnt working and if I hover my fingers over my brake lever it arcs and shocks me. Also while riding at WOT it sputters and cuts out. Im going to try and look over the wires and make sure nothing is pinched/broken but would that really cause an arc from a brake lever? Any ideas on what I may need to look for would be much appreciated, long time lurker first poster.
  4. hey everyone, i bought mayself another banshee, in overall good shape. it does need new crank seal (stator side) and a top end. they guy told me that the head studs were stripped out and that was the only issue. i found the seal issue and that the cylinders will need bored if anyone is gonna buy them. they are stock but the studs on top have thread inserts holding them in, IT IS COMPLETE, but i will list some...ALL PRICES ARE PLUS SHIPPING AND OBO!! for more info or picture of parts text 814-558-5431 or PM me. what you see is what you get. air box, filter and lid- $50 intake boots (all 4)- $35 nice plastics yellow monster energy- make offer rims and tires- $80 rear $75 front rear axle and carrier- $85 seat no rips w/ cover- $55 radiator- $40 reed cages and reeds- $40 Boost bottle $20 Swingarm- $60 complete motor ( cylinders need bored out but are stock, have seals just need put in- make offer a arms- Make offer tie rods- $40 steering stem- $40 stator (belive its aftermarket)- $75 CDI box- $60 Coil- $50 Harness- $40 key and on off switch- $45 Carbs with slides and cable- $85 thumb throttle- $30 Flywheel- $75 sprockets- $40 both Rear brake system- $70 front brake system- $75 rear hubs- $35 Front spindles- $55 Handle bars- $25 Gas tank- $40 kick start- $35 shocks- make offer headlights- $45 bumper (aftermarket)- $45 wheelie bar- $20 pro circuit pipes- make offer shock linkage, misc nuts and bolt and whatever i am missing make offer.
  5. I have a bunch of parts that I'm looking to sell, all parts are in good working condition. They are dirty in pic but will clean upon shipping. If you are interested in any parts, text 814-558-5431 or email me. 2 stators- $40 each 3 sets of stock exhausts- $60 each 2 cdi box- $30 each 3 sets of throttle cables with carb tops- $30 each 3 throttle cables- $15 each 4 clutch cables- $10 each Dynoport 2 into 1 exhaust- $150 Air box and lid- $20 Front bumper- $20 3 good headlights and parts headlights- $30 for all Steering stem- $30 3 radiators- $40 each Front fender mounts- $10 for all Swingarm- $30 Multiple sprockets- $20 for all Kicker gear- $30 Rear hub- $15 Skidplate- $20 Cylinders .30 over, no grooves, not sure exact spec- $60 Cylinder head no pitting - $40 Radiator plastic- $15 Intake boots full set- $20 Gas cap new- $10 Front wheel bearings in package- $15 Heel guards- $30 for all Clutch side case- $30 Boost bottle- $10 Clutch and break handles and levers- $20 for all Stator cover- $15 Tie rod- $10 There is more misc. nuts bolts clamps and more. If you have any question contact me, don't be afraid to make offer. Will make deal if buying multiple parts. Will send pics upon request. Text 814-558-5431 for quick response. Thank you *pic will not upload contact for pics*
  6. Hey guys, I have a very large lot of parts im trying to sell off, I am new to the site so im not sure how the listings work. But I have USED stators, airboxes, swing arm, .30 over cylinders, cylinder heads, radiators, cdi boxs, head lights, like new stock pipes, a dyno port 2 into.1 exaust set up, front wheel bearings in package, steering stem, radiator plastic, bumper, carrier... There is more im forgetting. The pic is to big to upload so, can send pics upon request as well as a price on individual items or the whole lot. If you are interested feel free to email me or contact me on my cell. 814-558-5431. Thank you very much
  7. vidsg

    WTB: Oem Parts

    Looking for stock oem parts that are in good condition. Flywheel, stator with square plug, ignition coil, cdi with square style plug and coil. Also if someone the complete electrical lmk...thanks
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