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    2006 white t5 pipes v force reeds

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  1. Still have not got the bike started with 28 mm d slide carbs what is the pulse port
  2. I got them on eBay from this company that supposedly specilaze in banshees
  3. Ok I’ll post some pics how do I know if they are knock offs and if they are will it not start
  4. I bought a tors delete kit that came with carbs air filter and throttle cable and I got the wrong carbs so they upgraded me and sent me 28 mm Pkw chrome d slide carbs and my banshee won’t start for shit I tried all kinds of shit and it doesn’t even try to fire up if I switch to my stock carbs with the tors be it starts on the first kick anything helps need some where to start no idea how to tune the carbs
  5. So I have been messing around with my banshee and I took both carbs out and cleaned them and then they both started to leak and I’ve watched many videos of how to adjust float I have adjusted it I want to say 6 times and one will not. Leak and then I’ll adjust the one with the leak and try it and then they will both dump fuel out. It’s getting frustrating and if anyone can help me out on what I might be doing wrong I sure would appreciate it
  6. I have an 06 banshee I bought and it’s in really good almost new condition it has t5 pipes v force reeds k&n air filter in air box . I am running non ethanol premium with redline two stroke race oil mix. I am a first time banshee owner and fairly new to the Atv riding scene. My banshee smoked more out of one pipe than the other. If you leave the fuel on it will have a puddle underneath it next morning. I was told that it was needing adjustment that it should be trying to lift front tires off the ground as soon as you take off. I think it’s faster than my previous bike a 01 Kawasaki Lakota sport stock but not anything scary faster. I want to know what or where do I start to get it too it’s best performance. Thanks in advance for any input
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