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  2. Bore has nothing to do with stroke, pt #'s would tell you stroke too. As i stated before youll have to measure stroke now. And porting info would be more useful than stroke. Fyi
  3. The pistons are 65.00 mm I'm want to know the stroke. When I had the cylinders off I looked at the rods and they are marked with ck or ch 115. And I felt around on the cases where the rods stick up and noticed that it appears to have been trenched. As I stated before I'm going to buy a set of lectron carbs for it and want to give as much information as I can about my motor.
  4. Should have written piston #'s down... you'll have to measure stroke now
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  6. Just reused the pistons that were in it. And put new rings on them. Everything was in spec. I had everything checked out. I blew the base gaskets on it last year
  7. please email me photos and info I was looking to build one with those plastics. carmazur18@yahoo.com
  8. Remove spark plugs. Use a pencil to measur how far piston moves up and down in cylinder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I run a -2 inch on my banshee with a stock shock and an adjustable lowering link. It works awesome in the corners but can get a little sketchy on the starts if you don't slip the clutch enough.
  10. I have a 98 Yamaha banshee. I am trying to identify if I have a stroker crank or not?Reason being is because I want to buy a set of lectron carbs for it and I want to give as much information as I can to them when I order the carbs. The engine in still in the frame and not apart. I have rebuilt the top end and i noticed the the rods are marked with ck or ch 115 on them but I do remember for sure the rods had 115 on them and from what i could see it appears that the cases have been trenched. There are groves cut in to the cases where the rods are that i could feel and see when i had the cylinders off the cylinders appear to be stock with casting numbers on them. No spacers Thanks for the help.
  11. I have a 98 Yamaha banchi. I am trying to identify if I have a stroke or crank or not reason. Being is because I want to buy a set of lectron carbs for it and I want to give as much information as I can to them when I order the carbs. The engine in still in the frame and not apart. Thanks for the help.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 2006 white Banshee immaculate condition with less than 10 hours on the bike. The bike is all standard except bikehas front forks, full fmf gold series fatty and pro core 2 silencer. ELKA SUSPENSION front forks, immaculate with not one scratch. i want to keep it in collection but open to sale.I Pics upon request - app won’t allow me to share
  13. To be honest anything that VP Racing make is a great product but there’s many different brands of 2 stroke pre mix oil on the market that are also very good as well. There must be a specific reason why the previous owner used VP’s brand over the other brands. So If you need to buy the VP’s Racing brand of 2 stroke oil online then that’s really not a big deal. A lot of people on the site here have there preference on what they run and like very much and most will tell you to try either Klotz R-50 or Klotz Super Techniplate, Klotz Benol, Maxima Castor 927 or Blendzall Green Label and the list is endless. I myself personally prefer Motul 800 2t off road. I been using it since my Banshee was brand new in 2004. I mix it at 50:1 because if I do it at 32:1 then I get the black drool coming out the end of my silencers. If Motul was to discontinue the brand I use I would switch to either Klotz R-50 or Klotz Super Techniplate or even Blendzall’s green label. The group that I ride with they all use Klotz as their choice of 2 stroke oil. So just stop pussy footing around a get out and ride the hell out of the damn thing and enjoy it !!!!!! Good Luck and Ride Safe !!!
  14. Upgrades suspension, tyres, full fmf and not one scratch. Need to understand what the value is as I believe it’s a collectors item. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I would like to get an indication on pricing should I sell. It is brand new. With many extras. I Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Last week
  17. Just use the oil and buy some easy available one after. Envoyé de mon SM-S908W en utilisant Tapatalk
  18. Thank for the quick replies guys! I did ask him a few questions before I got to start it up. I did check the coolant level in the radiator and over flow bottle and also checked the transmission oil level. I did get to hear it run and It did start with 2 kicks with stone cold engine using the choke. I also did kill the engine a couple of times and it did start right back up with 1 kick. I also checked to see if there was pressure buildup coming out of where the dip stick screws in. I also got to test ride it before I paid for it and he also gave me a 30 day written warranty. I asked him when the last time it was ridden and he said early November. He told me that throughout the time it sits and not being ridden he uses a plastic container that he fills with a little bit of fuel and hangs from a beam and he removes fuel line that connects to the fuel shut off valve and connects the fuel line from the hanging plastic container and he would start it up a couple of times a month. I ordered a clymer repair manual and I also ordered a leak down test kit from the South Texas Banshee Guy. I’m borrowing a compression tester from a friend of mine. I spent some of my time yesterday looking over everything like the front & rear brake system, all of the rubber hoses, the front and back tires, chain and sprockets, rear axle bearings, front hub bearings, upper and lower a-arm bearings, swing arm bearings, suspension bearings and everything else seems nice and tight. I don’t see any signs of any fluids leaking either. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. As for the 2 stroke pre mix oil he gave me a 1 liter bottle of VP Racing X2 1050 full synthetic 2T off road formula. The bottle seems pretty new and the cap seal doesn’t look broken or anything. My only problem is that it’s not available locally for me to purchase. I can order it online straight from VP themselves. That’s why I’m asking if it’s safe to change the brand of 2 stroke oil? What would be the best to use? Thank you JerzOutlaw 350 & ClaudeMachining
  19. Any modern oil mixed in between 2% and 4% will be good. Envoyé de mon SM-S908W en utilisant Tapatalk
  20. I showed my neighbor the pictures of this Banshee on my iPad because he is a retired old school Yamaha mechanic with 30 years of experience. He said that all the plastics that are on this Banshee are the original factory plastics. He also said the plastics that were made in 87 - 92 were made way better than the plastics from 1993 and up that were cheaply made. He also said that 1987- 1992 had warning stickers and the 1993 and up came with riveted on warning labels. He wanted me to say that this thing is the perfect candidate for a full restoration and said don’t cut any corners buy doing a cheap restoration job and that this machine deserves the best quality parts available.
  21. FMF, 27.5/300/K&N/No lid/-1tooth/= Happy Banshee!

  22. Welcome to BansheeHQ! There is plenty of members here that can help answer any of your questions or help with any problems that arise. From reading your post it sounds like you might of found yourself a great deal. I have a couple of questions to help you get some of the answers you are looking for. I hope that you got to start it up and got to ride it before you bought it. The next thing you need to consider is how long was this Banshee stored without it being started? I’m just curious because if it sat too long the gaskets and seals will dry out and start to leak which will lead to a catastrophic failure. I would highly recommend that you consider doing a compression test and a leak down test asap. I would also highly recommend going completely over the Banshee before considering taking it out riding. My question is what brand of 2 stroke pre mix oil did the previous owner give you? How old is the content in the bottle and is the bottle still factory sealed? Good Luck!!
  23. First off Good Afternoon Fellas! I would like to introduce myself and my name Jake. I would like to first apologize for the long post here but I am new to this whole Banshee thing. I have been trolling the site for a few weeks now learning as much information as possible about the Yamaha Banshee. So today I decided that I would join the BansheeHQ community. I’ll have to say that this site is very resourceful with a lot of information for a new banshee owner like me. So. this past weekend I purchased a very clean, low hour and a very well maintained (I’m the 2nd owner) 2005 Yamaha Banshee Special Edition that is basically stock other than the aftermarket exhaust system and air filter setup. The previous owners gave me the original owner manual and tool kit with it. He said he had the exhaust system and air filter installed at the time of purchase and that they also jetted carburetors according to the exhaust and air filter setup. He told me that he only ran 6 tanks of fuel through it since it was new. It spent its time sitting in a climate controlled environment covered up sitting off the ground. Now to the main question. The owner gave me a brand new bottle of 2 stroke pre mix oil that he used in it from the time it was brand new and told me to mix it at 32:1. Now my concern is would it hurt to change the oil brand or should I buy what he used in it ? Thanks in advance. Jake
  24. I have stock kickstarter and I also have size 13 feet and only kick it over while wearing work boots or riding boots. My Compression is 145 psi I also don’t have heal guards but I do have full rear fenders and my calf doesn’t come into contact with the rear fender while kicking it over.
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