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  1. Greyhound is great if your going to ship within your country if not they charge you double what any place else will. I asked them.
  2. Ahhhhh I think they could go 3 weeks without food so daddy can buy some ELKA shocks haha lmao
  3. Thanks bud. Long time no talk eh? You done feeding those kids or nah?? Haha I will never forget that
  4. No the message that he sent that he was asking about the tracking sent me to ask my dad after school. But the post made me ask right away. I'm not the guy who only uses this forum to sell parts but I use this forum for everything I love it. I plan on staying here for a very long time. So next time I will ship the parts and not anyone else. Sorry if I seemed out of line I tried to be calm and handle the situation but then he started to make shit up and post that is what ticked me off. well that shit was wack. There was no need to do that. Am I right?
  5. I didn't mean "go fuck yourself" to ppastrkiller I meant it to SheesFast. Well if he panicked he didn't have to post it on every ffucking for sale ads I had. Talk smack now SheesFast
  6. I also thought that my dad had the tracking number so I can ask him when I got out of school then I started looking at the for sale ads and he called me a scammer so then I called my dad to give the tracking number right away (i went to the bathroom to call) and he said what tracking number so when I got off of school I rushed to go ship it then he still talks shit for some reason. He also says that I had to drive over to usa to ship through usps but the truth is that I had to drive 10 mins away from my house to go to usps (in Canada) if I want to ship but I rather go to Canada post because I think it's cheaper. Well that clears that I'm not a scammer and this was a honest mistake. Pce!
  7. I said that I would ship them out but I didn't have time so I told my dad to do it and he forgot some how.
  8. You missed... A whiny bitch crying period oh don't forget that the whiny bitch is a retard. Haha
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