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Found 15 results

  1. What’s up guys I’m building a 4mil stroker motor. I gave my motor to a guy who knew a guy that would port my Athena cylinders for a 115 stroker crank and blaster pistons I believe 68 bore. so it took about 2 months to get everything back. I gave him the whole motor so he could do the numbers and give me info on what domes to get so I can run pump gas and what base gasket to get. well through the middle man I was told to get a .030 gasket but no info what domes to get. I don’t understand why he couldn’t provide that information. I texted a couple of times and was told he would get that for me when talks to the guy. I just hate to feel like I’m being played. I’m just glade to have my motor back. if any of you with experience on a 4mil stroker build any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have a banshee right now and I love it but rode a built one and wanted one so I have some extra money to spend and was wondering wether to buy a built banshee or a new 450 dirt bike only have rode a dirt bike a hand full of times but not sure on what should be better on sand dunes
  3. I have a banshee every thing stock except toomey t5s k&n pod air filters air box delete I was thinking of getting my motor done I ride dunes only I like doing hills ,tree shots ,drag racing friends . What kind of build would you recommend like for example 4 mil 421 serval I want a pump gas reliable build and could you give me a rough estimate of how much something like that would cost for parts and what most people charge for labor ,thanks
  4. Hello Everyone! So just as I dialed in the jetting on my stock carbs I found a deal on a pair of 28mm Keihin PWK's. My question is where do I start with jetting? Current Stock Carb Settings: #27.5 Pilot Jets#350 Main Jets#4 Toomey Needle Position (from bottom)Air Screws 1.5 Turns Out Here is my list of Engine Work from the CT Racing 400cc Stroker Kit: Toomey T5 Pipes Toomey Perfect Jet Kit Needles TORS Removal Kit & Carb Caps Vito’s Hemi Head V (Pro Design 19cc Domes Cut for 4mil) Timing plate (set @ zero for 91 pump gas) Pro-X Blaster pistons MX Porting Hot Rods 4Mil Crank CFM Aluminum Air Box (No Lid) K&N Pod Air Filters with Pre-Chargers Chariot Billet Intake Manifold VForce 4 Reed Cages OTHER VARIABLES: Altitude 5,258ft (Colorado) Temperature: 65 Degrees Compression: 150-155psi Thanks in advance!!
  5. Building banshee for mx. Am I the middle of a rebuild. Nothing really started yet everything is apart at the moment. Have a 4mil lr wisco crank, 795 wisco pistons, 4mil ported and bored cylinders. Might get more port work done not sure yet. Trinity 1 Into 2 intake, plan on running either a 33 or a 35mm keihin carb. Cool head with 18cc 9 degree dome for race fuel. Either going with dmc ailens or 916s. Looking for imput/ suggestions. Am just looking into the motor right now nothing else dont want to hear about suspension yet.
  6. If your not interested or just have nothing better to do, don't bother commenting.4mil stock cylinder banshee motor, hot rods 4mil crank trued and welded with tz bearing, r1 clutch, 1 piece billet head with 21cc domes, lots of port work done by SST Racing, boost ports on the intake side, no chain whack, no patches or welds, 150 psi even on each cylinder, passed the leak down with flying colors, runs on straight race fuel. The motors hauls ass and kepted up with 4mil cubs, super torquey and was a super fun duner-$1300 and add another $125 for shipping plus fees
  7. Im selling a complete running top end. I will have compression numbers in a few days or sooner if need be. I have a set of jims passion racing 12 port cylinders with domes cut by noss machine. Have .021-.022 squish if my memory serves me well. Engine runs very well on pump gas. The only reason for selling is cause im a fat ass and need a serval. I will be including the domes, pistons, and cylinders. I am looking for $550 shipped and insured to the lower 48. Kevin Pics coming soon...
  8. iv been looking at the 421cc cheetah cub 4mill kit on ebay im going to be drag racing asphalt looking to throw this into my stock cases adding a lock up and out of frame drag pipes, what are some things are a must to do? is this a good kit for doing it? any suggestings carbs size etc any help will be greatly appricated. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Banshee-421cc-68mm-Cheetah-Cub-Cylinder-4mm-w-Crank-/250592325047?pt=Motors_ATV_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a58776db7&vxp=mtr
  9. Just as the title says. Has roughly 4hours of use. No up and down play. Will ship with spacer plate if you'd like. 300+shipping obo
  10. As the title says, looking for ported cub cylinders for a 4mil. Message me with price and details of cylinders.
  12. Looking for a 4mil cub top end, cylinder, pistons, hardware and domes if possible, if anyone has one and wants to sell it, hit me up 480 543 8736 or PM Thanks
  13. I want to build a good fast 4mil cheeth an i dont really know where to start. i wanna knw good set ups for u guys that run in the street or track 1/8 mile no bar or just so good in put. would like to knw best porters, good prices on a over ride, pipes, size carbs, how long the arm needs to be...whatever you have to offer thanks
  14. I want to build a 4mil cheetah any help out there. im gone run the bike in a 8th mile just want to knw a good powerful 4mil set up cheetah. im not dead set on a cheetah motor but want somethin thats going to hold its own.
  15. As the title says, I'm going to a 4mil setup. Looking for a set of stock cylinders (maybe matching pistons?) that are ported for a 4mil longrod. Preferably NOT a drag port, as this is a woods/play/dune build. If I'm headed in the wrong direction, let me know! Otherwise, let me know what you have! Will definitely consider a trade for my stock MX ported cylinders/pistons. Not sure what bore they're at, as they're currently on my running bike. Thanks!
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