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Found 4 results

  1. Exactly what the tittle says great pro circuits up for trade (or sell whatever) I’m looking for slp im currently sitting on couch drinking (a lot) I’ll add pics later
  2. I have a 03 banshee with t3s on it air box mod, tors delete and im 335 elevation and usually ride in 60-90 degree weather. still has stock jets and i need to know what size jets i should use. THank you
  3. I just had purchased a banshee recently. The right side pipe smokes a BIT more than the left (yes it is a noticeable amount, no its nothing crazy. it also has no smell). It leaves the right silencer wet and it also spits oil were the expansion chamber and silencer pipe meet. It smokes more at idle when cold but not so much when it warms up...It spits oil regardless of temp. The right side pipe does not warm up near as fast as the left. The left side seems to "ping" alot harder than the right as well. Right side plug was wet/black when checked. I know no one here can tell me just based off this what is going on.... but im looking for educated guesses and points in the right direction.... Just praying its not a crank seal on the right side......
  4. I want to build a 4mil cheetah any help out there. im gone run the bike in a 8th mile just want to knw a good powerful 4mil set up cheetah. im not dead set on a cheetah motor but want somethin thats going to hold its own.
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