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Found 15 results

  1. What's up guys.. I'm reaching out to hopefully get some help from you guys... I have a 2002 Banshee and bought it without headlights or a taillight. I purchased a grab bar with a built in LED tail light and put it on. When I installed it and the bike was running and as soon as I connected the wires, the bike shut off. I am yet to be able to get it to start up again. There is no spark. I changed the spark plugs, coil pack, CDI box, kill switch, and even bought a new wiring harness and have not been able to fire it up. I watched a youtube video to test the stator and out of the three coils, one of them reads too high. Ignition coil is within tolerance, pickup coil is within tolerance, but the lighting coil reads .8 when it should read 0.26 - 0.38 ohms. Can this be the reason for no spark? Is there a way to remedy this issue or do I have to buy a new stator? I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks.
  2. I’m going to rewind my stator myself...hopefully. I don’t plan on using anything that would require the lighting coil (winding) so would leaving it out cause any problems? I was thinking maybes the layout of stator lobes the magnet wire gets wrapped around wound change because of polarity issues or something. Guess it’ll be trial and error. I’m not asking for anybody’s help I’m just saying: that’s what I’m gonna do.
  3. Hello all, new here to the Banshee community and I'm in need of a bit of assistance, hoping somebody much more well-versed than I is able to chime in. I acquired a (basically) junk 1987 Banshee at a bargain price, although it's in very, very rough shape. I decided to completely strip it down to the frame and redo everything, including completely rebuilding the engine from the bottom up. Is this even possible? I don't have much experience with vehicle wiring, or wiring in general, but I'm not stupid either. I bought the Clymer manual and have studied the wiring diagram extensively. After gutting the wiring harness I have already found multiple cut wires/broken connections, so I'm glad I'm re-doing the wiring completely because it probably wouldn't have spark the way it was. The current harness is a hacked up mess, so I'm planning on removing most of the wires that aren't needed, such as TORS, throttle sensor, parking brake sensor and key ignitiion. I would still like to keep the headlights if at all possible, and my idea was to connect the headlights to the kill switch so that they're always on whenever the bike is running. I would get rid of the Off/Lo/Hi switch. Oh and one more question... If you just start cutting wires /not plugging them into the CDI connector tabs, does it effect the functionality of the CDI at all? Does the CDI need to sense a complete "circuit" (every wire on bike either grounded, or connected somehow,) or are every two wires independent of all other two wire pairs? I found a wiring diagram online that seems to represent what I am trying to do with my bike. I've attached it below. Thanks for all the help.
  4. hey everyone, Im new to this site and i was wondering is somebody out there has some usefull info for me. last year i bought a banshee from a friend that had major gear box problems for very cheap. The motor ran strong tho... started first or second kick every time. Instead of ripping the engine apart and fixing the bad gears in the trans, i decided to buy an engine off of a reputable seller on ebay. as soon as i got it, i slapped it right in. went to start it, and she didnt want to go. hit it with some starter fluid and it started but ran really rough and wouldnt hold an idle. after a little bit it died and wouldnt start again. took the plugs out and no spark. i replaced the stator, wiring harness (OEM one was hacked to peices), flywheel, woodruff key, kill switch cluster, BR8ES plugs, ignition coil, key delete (twisted the white and red wires), One of the connectors that was coming out of the CDI had been melted (housed the orange ignition wire) i was able to check all of my new parts except the CDI. i bought a cheap $60 one off ebay (probaly not the right choice). Not sure if they sold me a junk CDI or im missing something here. oh and TORS had been deleted since i got it. deleted off carbs and no black box on the frame. i believe the voltage regulator had nothing to do with ignition so i left that alone. If anyone can provide me with any info that would be great! -wrxguy97
  5. Hey guys, just finished my complete rebuild but i have no spark. My question is should i have continuity when i test the stator red and green wires on the plug end? Even if it shows incorrect ohms should i have continuity or will both ohms and continuity show bad? id rather fix a bad connection to the stator then replace it. Thanks for the help
  6. Mxjd619


    Hey guys throwing it out there. Who has an OEM stator that they wanna part with? I know someone out there has one laying around.
  7. I didn't feel like ordering and waiting for an adjustable stator plate, so I modified mine to accommodate +4 timing. I made a video and posted it on my YouTube page! If you like the video subscribe; I will be putting up more videos like this one! Thanks for watching! Mike
  8. Does the stator magneto still look usable? Can I bend those bent one back?
  9. Hey BHQ, I want to offer you guys a group buy on stators. We have a great product for these bikes, and I'd like to help you all get em for a great price. Any of our Banshee parts are eligible for this group buy. I will list them below. I need to get a least 10 committed buyers to offer this price. The group buy will unlock a special coupon code I will give to each of you, depending on what you'd like to buy. You will then purchase on our website using the coupon code to receive your discount. 95-06 Yamaha Banshee High Power Dual Output AC Lighting Stator Regular Price: $109 Group Buy Price: $90 18% discount 95-06 Yamaha Banshee High Power 200W DC Charging Stator Regular Price: $114.99 Group Buy Price: $95 18% discount 95-06 Yamaha Banshee High Power 200W DC Stator & Regulator/Rectifier Kit Regular Price: $159.99 Group Buy Price: $120.00 25% discount As always with us, free shipping in the USA. I will run this group buy through end of day Thursday 4/25/2103. If you are in on this and COMMITTED, please start a list of your names in this format: 1. My-Name-a 2. My-Name-b 3. My-Name-c etc...
  10. Well I have a 87 banshee and it used to run fine.. It was used a week at the dunes and after 6 days it started being very hard to start. It has good compression, new reeds, you have to kick it hard to start it and it almost wants to bog kinda but you pull the clutch in and it stops the bogging. Sounds like fuel issue but its not trust me. The headlights are as dim as a candle and its hard to start when it's hot too. I believe when I ride it, it's loosing spark and dies out. I ordered a new stator last night hoping that resolves my issue. What do you think it is? I've also been told a dirty flywheel? It might be since it was at the dunes for 6 days
  11. Stator good and clean condition. It's is a 04 but the plug was changed for the 87-94 style plug. $86 Shipped, gifted payment or add paypal fees, maybe I'll have another one for sale soon but 95-06 plug Flywheel good condition, no rattle, OEM $97 gifted payment or add paypal fees Aftermarket grab bar good condition, could use a polish but no mayor scratches or dents, looks really good $32 shipped gifted payment or add paypal fees Complete gaskets and oils seal $67 shipped gifted payment or add the paypal fees OEM rear shock rebuild bearing kit $28 shipped gifted payment or add paypal fess Any question please PM me. Thanks!
  12. Black Label one piece fiberglass hoods ready for shaping and paint Reg $200 on sale for $170 We offer bulk dealer pricing on these also everyday Mod Quad full billet lockup and cover Reg $470 on sale for $420 for Black Anodized or polished $389 for machined finish Mod Quad black anodized stator cover Reg $300 on sale $250 Any purchase over $500 gets free shipping lower 48 Sale runs thru 1-1-14
  13. my super reliable banshee started bugging out last weekend...as i was riding, it just dies. my carbs are tuned perfectly, my compression is great. it is a one kick to start bike. when i try to start it, it will fire each cylinder once or twice, and thats it. occasionally it would fire right up and run normal. gotta be something in the electrical system, right?
  14. Parts are on ebay if someone wants something let me know and I will end auction early http://www.ebay.com/sch/robert0762ll/m.html?item=261146428272&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ccd8a4370&vxp=mtr&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  15. vidsg

    WTB: Oem Parts

    Looking for stock oem parts that are in good condition. Flywheel, stator with square plug, ignition coil, cdi with square style plug and coil. Also if someone the complete electrical lmk...thanks
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