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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 2006 banshee, stock 350cc engine, stocks carbs, stock air filter, and SLP pipes. I am planning on purchasing a "athena 68mm big bore cylinders 421cc stroker crank pistons pro head." and new carbs, been looking at lectrons but all the reviews I've seen suggest buying keihins. I use my banshee for street and dirt, any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Where do you guys find used motors . I’m looking to start a buggy build and need a motor for it Any Help Is Appreciated .. I’m in Atlanta
  3. Hey all, looking for recommendations as my banshee ate a chunk of intake this last summer. Looking to go bigger but i also want to be faster than my friends who are both sporting 421's, what i'm looking for is your guys opinion should I: build a 421 on race gas, a pump gas 472 or trench my case and go big 10mm or so. Cheers
  4. I checked a couple different combinations in the forum search bar and couldn't find an up-to-date 4 mil w/ small carb threads, much less anything driveline related. To start, I'm planning an engine build pretty soon using the driveline 4 mil LP kit with SLP pipes. Current riding style is mostly open dirt pits, large trails, with some MX. My current setup is a heavily ported 392 with stock carbs and T5's. It's tuned fairly well but the heavy porting really kills the low end (not ideal for my riding style but it's the only running engine I have atm). At first I was planning a driveline 4 mil LP w/ SLP's and 35mm PWK's but I'm worried about the larger carb setup reducing the off idle responsiveness and being a handful in trails and Mx having 80+ hp (yea I know, too much HP, booooo). I figured with 28mm PWK's I could reach the 70's with and greatly improve the low-end over a 35mm carb setup but I wanted to get some feedback from guys who have actually tested similar setups. Besides that, any suggestions / changes I should make to my build given my riding style? I'm open to anything.
  5. Dune ported stock cylinder and stroke banshee motor,170psi on each cylinder,Redline dune port, cylinders are on an even 65.00mm bore, Cool head and I have no clue what domes are in it, but was told to run straight 110, Hinson clutch pusher, NEW cascade clutch pak, billet water impeller, ultra-lightweight billet racing dipstick, zero chain whack, new 13t sprocket for whatever thats worth. $950 shipped plus paypal fees
  6. I have for sale the complete running engine, minus the carburetors, out of a 2001 Banshee. I bought the rolled over quad for a few parts that I needed for my quad. I have never ridden this quad so I can't answer any questions about it's history. See the links below to hear it run and shift. I would prefer a local sale so you can see and hear it run. I do not want to ship. Cash deal only and we can pull the engine out of the frame on the spot. I have a clear title and current registration through 2018 in my name so no issues there. I will be parting out the rest of the quad after the engine is sold. Located Southern California, zip 91790. Thanks for looking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpg5yaUFKa8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9FFlz2xFf8
  7. Ok so I have a 2000 banshee. Mods that I can get off the top of my head are...4mill, +4timing, Coolhead 17 or 18cc domes, v force reeds, boost bottle, toomey t5, r1000 clutch. .020 over Problem I had was I wanted to get rid of stock air box for pods, so i did and while I was at it I removed the coolant resivor, I'm pretty that Dosent affect any thing with the engine tho. so before I had removed the air box it ran really rich and would bog at low throttle and the moment I switched to pods the bike ran super lean and was hard to start with out giving it lots of throttle and when it would finally start no idle at all. So I took it to a local shop (Snuffy Raching) to get it rejetted, the guy told me that the compression was around 40 and other 90!!! I don't know if I'm right but can a banshee even start with that little compression??? So I'm thinking he's doing compression test wrong (tell me if I'm wrong tho) he's telling me also that the rings or pistons might be shot (with out even looking at them yet). So with that being said the bike before would (with air box) would bog at low rpm but would them take off fast and hard with power at higher rpm and now I take it to a shop for some rejetting and I now I might be needing a top end rebuild!?!? Do you guys think he trying to get more money out of me or what could have caused those issues??? Especially the super low compression(if it's even true)!!!??? This is my second banshee and my first time taking one to someone for repairs (because I don't like dealing with jetting) . NEED SOME GOOD SOLID ANSWERS PLEASE BEFORE HE DOSE SOMETHING THAT ISNT NEEDED!!!!
  8. Previous owner of my banshee didn't clean it , now there is about 4mm of old greasy mud stuck to the underneath , any ideas how to remove it? I spend 40 minutes with a wire brush today but I can't get in the small groves and tight areas , maybe WD-40 would do the job or powerwashing it. Any advise? Thanks.
  9. I have a bunch of parts that I'm looking to sell, all parts are in good working condition. They are dirty in pic but will clean upon shipping. If you are interested in any parts, text 814-558-5431 or email me. 2 stators- $40 each 3 sets of stock exhausts- $60 each 2 cdi box- $30 each 3 sets of throttle cables with carb tops- $30 each 3 throttle cables- $15 each 4 clutch cables- $10 each Dynoport 2 into 1 exhaust- $150 Air box and lid- $20 Front bumper- $20 3 good headlights and parts headlights- $30 for all Steering stem- $30 3 radiators- $40 each Front fender mounts- $10 for all Swingarm- $30 Multiple sprockets- $20 for all Kicker gear- $30 Rear hub- $15 Skidplate- $20 Cylinders .30 over, no grooves, not sure exact spec- $60 Cylinder head no pitting - $40 Radiator plastic- $15 Intake boots full set- $20 Gas cap new- $10 Front wheel bearings in package- $15 Heel guards- $30 for all Clutch side case- $30 Boost bottle- $10 Clutch and break handles and levers- $20 for all Stator cover- $15 Tie rod- $10 There is more misc. nuts bolts clamps and more. If you have any question contact me, don't be afraid to make offer. Will make deal if buying multiple parts. Will send pics upon request. Text 814-558-5431 for quick response. Thank you *pic will not upload contact for pics*
  10. Hey guys, I have a very large lot of parts im trying to sell off, I am new to the site so im not sure how the listings work. But I have USED stators, airboxes, swing arm, .30 over cylinders, cylinder heads, radiators, cdi boxs, head lights, like new stock pipes, a dyno port 2 into.1 exaust set up, front wheel bearings in package, steering stem, radiator plastic, bumper, carrier... There is more im forgetting. The pic is to big to upload so, can send pics upon request as well as a price on individual items or the whole lot. If you are interested feel free to email me or contact me on my cell. 814-558-5431. Thank you very much
  11. so my banshee blew up, shattered the skirt off the right piston.so while i have it apart im going to build up a 4 mill. was just wondering if theres anything important i should know besides getting a spacer plate or domes and having my cylinders ported for it. and i was wondering where the best place to order my crank from would be? thanks
  12. I have a lot of parts to swap. I have a stock transmission (not in the picture) in good condition off a running bike. I also have everything pictured here. The stator wires are cut, but did come off a running bike (it was just wired like shit) there are 2 stock baskets, one looks brand new and the other has some grooving and a couple knicks in on some gear teeth, it rolled smooth though and was off a running bike. there are lots of parts as well as these cases that were from a running sealed bike. Has a pretty good chain whack on it. I will clean them up more before shipping. I have these CT dune ported cylinders as well as namura pistons and the stock crank. The only thing not pictured is some spots on the cylinders are repaired with heli coils, these all came off a running bike. I also have a set of boyesen reeds from the same running bike. I have a lot of smaller parts, two of each, and wont be needing both, so feel free to ask. I am not saying anything here is in awesome condition and if its not for you I don't really care to hear about it, its just stuff I wont need and it might help someone get back up and moving again before a trip or something someone could use for a cheap build project. I am looking for a GOOD set of +2+1 J arms and tie rods for my project. They would need to be for the 90s J arm banshees. Or I would be interested in an A arm conversion kit with +2+1 A arms. Not looking for anything with chrome. Also looking for: Billet clutch housing NEW flywheel Stock length round house swing arm Billet water pump gear Good carbs without TORS I am building a mild 4 mil so if you have anything that think might be of use... Just TEXT me at 17128996473
  13. Looking on help with engine stroker kits thanks
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