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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Everyone! So just as I dialed in the jetting on my stock carbs I found a deal on a pair of 28mm Keihin PWK's. My question is where do I start with jetting? Current Stock Carb Settings: #27.5 Pilot Jets#350 Main Jets#4 Toomey Needle Position (from bottom)Air Screws 1.5 Turns Out Here is my list of Engine Work from the CT Racing 400cc Stroker Kit: Toomey T5 Pipes Toomey Perfect Jet Kit Needles TORS Removal Kit & Carb Caps Vito’s Hemi Head V (Pro Design 19cc Domes Cut for 4mil) Timing plate (set @ zero for 91 pump gas) Pro-X Blaster pistons MX Porting Hot Rods 4Mil Crank CFM Aluminum Air Box (No Lid) K&N Pod Air Filters with Pre-Chargers Chariot Billet Intake Manifold VForce 4 Reed Cages OTHER VARIABLES: Altitude 5,258ft (Colorado) Temperature: 65 Degrees Compression: 150-155psi Thanks in advance!!
  2. I got these 28mm PWK's brand new from carbpartswarehouse, and they said they would build them to my mods (for a starting point), and they put NAPF needles in them? Iv'e been searching and studying forever on every thread and no one seems to run them. I was wondering if I should keep them in or replace with a more common one.
  3. So, I sold my stock carb set-up in favor of the 33mm PWK's for my future Serval build. What jets and needles do you recommend with the following mods: 33mm Keihin PWK's w/K&N's and Outerwears UPP Intakes w/cross-over tube VF4's Mull Pump Gas Head +4* timing 91 octane w/YamaLube 2R mixed 40:1 stock pistons stock port CPI pipes Sea level in Pismo 75-80* F What pilot? What needle? What main? Stock 33mm PWK's come with the following: 52 pilots CGL needle 165 main jet I talked to a shop and they mentioned the following to start: 48-50 pilots CGL or CEL needles 155 mains Thoughts?
  4. Price is shipped inside the U.S. Polished Chariot Billet Bowls • for keihin carbs $125 shipped
  5. Jcamz

    35mm pwk

    I'm looking for some clean 35 mm pwk carbs
  6. Hey, I just bought a serval top end kit and it comes with 23cc domes. I was wondering if this would be pump gas for me? I live at 150ft above sea level. I have 94 octane at my local gas station. The temp around here is 10-25 Celsius. I also need jetting help. My mods are 421 Serval 23cc domes 35mm Pwk's Cpi small bore inframes Vforce 4 Reeds Pods What jets should I get also what needle should I be at? Thanks
  7. Currently running a 4mil with a single carb (2 into 1). It has a PJ on it with a 184 main jet. Clip is on the second to richest. Carb leaks horribly and I think I can get more out of this motor. I am thinking of switching to a 38mm PWK. Is this a good idea? What size main jet should I use?
  8. Hey guys, I am about to buy this 2 into 1 kit from chariot for $200 comes with everything not a carb. Has anyone used this 2 into 1 kit before? If you did how was it? Also I have a 4 mil banshee with fmf fatty's, powercore 2's, vforces, and a cool head with 19cc domes pump gas. What carburetor do you think I should run with this set up? I think a 39 pwk would be good but what do I know right. Reply's are greatly appreciated.
  9. Polished my PWKs https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=576446949043432&set=a.576446912376769.1073741836.100000343966046&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=576446972376763&set=a.576446912376769.1073741836.100000343966046&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=576454502376010&set=a.576446912376769.1073741836.100000343966046&type=3&theater
  10. Looking to build a 4 mill dune port shee. I need some reasonably priced PWKs, 4 mill lr crank, dune ported 4 mill cylinders, also need a -2 round housing swingarm and carrier, and a reasonable cool head. Thanks
  11. I have a set of Keihin PWK 28mm carburetors that have been painted black. I had LeD Performance do a 30mm taper bore on them as well. The come with K&N pod filters, filter socks, and stock manifold setup. I am selling the entire setup (I WILL NOT SEPARATE ANYTHING) for $300 shipped. Text @: 503-757-652six email @: the_ghost_flame@yahoo
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