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Found 16 results

  1. I am rebuilding my 2000 Banshee. I have decided to go with a 421 but not sure on company. Any recommendations?
  2. Looking to upgrade my Shee to a 421...I'm sure most of you have lots of experience in the transplant...looking for pointers and info on what kit to get...money, fuel, not an issue...I dune sometimes, but mostly drag...pipes must be in-frames...just need info on motor parts...Serval or Assassin?...Reed cages?...Pipes?...I would very much appreciate any input... Thanks...
  3. Looking to upgrade my Shee to a 421...I'm sure most of you have lots of experience in the transplant...looking for pointers and info on what kit to get...money, fuel, not an issue...I dune sometimes, but mostly drag...pipes must be in-frames...just need info on motor parts...Serval or Assassin?...Reed cages?...Pipes?...I would very much appreciate any input... Thanks...
  4. What's up Banshee fam! What size domes and timing would you recommend for a setup like this, 421 Serval dune port --> currently running 24cc 100LL 7* Sniper inframes 33pwks (can't remember jetting at the moment) VF4's yada yada yada Originally had it on 91 pump gas with 4* Thanks in advance!
  5. Anyone running stock carbs with 421 lp cylinders? I am looking for a starting point on jetting at 1000' asl. Also wondering if anybody has run this setup with stock carbs. mods: pc pipes k&n pods +4 timing pro design cool head 23 cc domes v force 3's stock carbs 4 mil crank assassin lp cylinders (as cast)
  6. Small bore small flange drag pipes for sale. 1 out each side. Nice chrome. No rust, no pitting, no dents. Mint. Text me at 732-570-4201 for pics if interested. Thanks. Located in central nj. $375 shipped.
  7. hey guys, I do some MX'ing and also a few hare scrambles a year with an occasional grass drag.when I trail ride, I ride like im in a race at all times. I'm trying to decide to upgrade my pipes or not. I'm currently running pro circuits and I absolutely love them but my fear is that they may be limiting my 421 serval a bit. they hit nice and hard down low and have solid pull all the way through. I rode my buddies ported stock cylinder 4 mil with CPI pipes and they were absolutely gutless down low- I had to keep the r's up pretty high just to ride, while the power band may have hit harder (im not really sure I wasn't hooking well) the pro circuits seem to pull for A longer period of time because they hit so much earlier. what does everyone think?
  8. Hey guys, I'm a brand new Banshee owner,that is I'm new to Banshees I wish I had a brand new Banshee lol! I've owened quads since I was 17 and I'm 34 now. I'm mechanically inclined and catch on quick so here goes. After deciding to look for a project banshee I found one within a week,picked her up and brough her home. It's a 2000 model with a clean title and in pretty good shape chassis wise. It has new carbon fiber plastics, new pro elite bumper,new pro elite nerfs, new ITP hole shots on black SS wheels DMC exhaust a cool head and I believe that's about it. The engine is dead I pulled the top end and it broke a ring and trashed the right side jug and dome. I've decided to build a 421 4 mil serval after a lot of research. I think it'll work best for what I want to do with it. I mostly play ride with my sons,wife and friends but want to be able to readily spank some guys at the local mix park sand drag strip. My boys are 9 and 11 and both own 400ex's I also own a yfz450 with quite a few mods , a blaster ,TRX450 and a 660 Grizz. The engine: I went ahead and pulled the lower end threw it on the bench and have it ready to split tomorrow (had to wait for flywheel puller). I want to open it up for 2 reasons I want to learn the banshee engine inside and out like my other quads power plants and I want to make sure there's no trash in the crankcase. I plan to go back with the stock jugs .060 over with a set of Vito's forged super stock pistons and run it like that until I save for the serval build. With all that out of the way, I have a few questions. 1.) what kind of horse power can I expect the 421 4 mil to make? I'm not asking for a human dyno here, I know a lot of factors come into play. It seems 2 strokes really make power easily so Imagine that it can just as easily be hindered by improper tuning etc. i want to run 93 pump gas most of the time and fuel when I take it out to play at the drag strip. I know that the DMC pipes will have to go I plan to run Shearer pipes on it. 2.) what jetting is recommended for the set up I plan to run first? Mods will be ; .060 over stock jugs,no porting, DMC,cool head with 20cc domes. My elevation is 86' and temps are between 40-60 in winter and 90-110 in summer. 3.) jetting increments, On my other quads the numbers are as follows for example 48 pilot,175 main. I noticed when browsing jet kits the main sizes are 300-310-320 etc. Are all the banshee jets numbered this way, when I say banshee I mean the Mikuni carbs. If so is there some sort of crossover chart or something? if not can some one help me out with what stock jetting is for main and pilot jets so I kinda have an idea where to start. 4.) when I build the Serval is there any work needed on the cases like clearancing or anything? Also can I or if I have additional port work done on the Serval jugs or the cases will it adversely affect the low-mid range? I think that's it for now, didn't mean to write a novel but this is my first ever 2 stroke and the only way to learn is to ask. So im askin. Thank you guys in advance. I'll get my profile sorted out as soon as I can. I belong to a few other forums and I know about the whole "use the search button" thing lol. I did trust me, I've been reading for a week. Just needed more specific answeres to my questions.
  9. 421 Serval Cub Cylinders K&T Head With Cut 23cc Domes Wiseco 573 Pistons and Rings Cylinder Gaskets 4 Mill Hot Rods Long Rod Crank Clean Cases No Wack Vforce 4 Reeds 35mm Pwk's With Cable Etc.... Everything brand spanking new except the cases and the crank. The crank has very low hours and was pulled out to install the serval cylinders but I went a different route. I can include the full complete bottom end...tranny, forks, clutch setup, etc. So all you need to do is assemble. Message me so we can talk about a price and what you want. Text or call of you want - 7789807080 HAVE EVERYTHING TO BUILD THIS BABY EXCEPT SEALS AND SOME GASKETS! Sad to see it go. I had plans to build this for a mx bike but I found a great deal on a mx banshee that's ready to race so I bought it and now I don't need this. Plus I am broke as a muthafucka now haha
  10. Hey, I just bought a serval top end kit and it comes with 23cc domes. I was wondering if this would be pump gas for me? I live at 150ft above sea level. I have 94 octane at my local gas station. The temp around here is 10-25 Celsius. I also need jetting help. My mods are 421 Serval 23cc domes 35mm Pwk's Cpi small bore inframes Vforce 4 Reeds Pods What jets should I get also what needle should I be at? Thanks
  11. Im selling a set of 421 4mil 68mm bore polished cheetah cub cylinders with 573 68mm bore wisecos for 115 long rod all brand new and vigin unported and never seen cases also a cast precision stock look alike coolhead with 24cc domes also brand new 1150 shipped or 900 for pistons and cylinders and 250 for head and domes call or text or pm me on here 6205150484 can send pics upon request they are to big to upload on here thanks for looking
  12. So I've looked around and there's so much out there it's hard for me to figure out what's best for me so I'm just going to ask. I'm building a Banshee for mostly straight lining and I want a motor that's a beast but will last longer than a month. Stock frame, probably gonna put a +12" swingarm on it and maybe some decent shocks but not gonna go to crazy with the suspension. As far as the motor goes I want to build it as big as I can without having to do any machining except porting the cylinders, which I can buy ported so that's not to big a deal. From what I've read 68mm bore x 58mm stroke (421cc) is the largest you can go without trenching and boring the case, is this true? Also I don't want to use stock cylinders bored I would preferably have a monoblock cylinder, is this a good choice, and if so what's a good monoblock that won't break the bank? Now if you have a +4mil stroker crank I know you have to have domes that are milled higher cause the piston will come farther up out of the cylinder but if you use "stroker" pistons with the raised wrist pin do you still have to use different domes? I want to run it on 91oct pump gas just cause of it's easy availability. What size carbs will be needed 34,35,38mm or 28mm slides? I'm going to run CPI Shearer pipes but will I need the small bore or big bore versions of the pipes? I know it's a lot of questions but it's also a lot of money so I want to make sure I do it right. Also I'll be assembling the motor myself and this is my first time tearing one of these apart, seems pretty simple though. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. I have been lurking and this site and buying better and better banshees over the last 9 months. Bought a 01 blue mostly stock and it was a blast, got used to the speed fast and had to get a more powerful one. Bought a 01 stock cylinder 4 mil. Like it, very strong, but then I ran across these to I will try to upload image to. 06 LE 421 cub with title. dan hall built,CPI inframes, elka stage 3, v force 3 reeds, +3 a arms, +4 GeForce axel, itp black wheels,all black, 35mm pwk carbs, +4in swing arm. There is a lot more and it is mint. 06 LE built for trails with title, Aggressive trail port, nerf bars, welded crank, toomey T6, spark arresters, vforce reeds, +3 a arms, + 4 g force axel, works shocks, black wheels. Got what I think is a great deal. 3500 for cub and 2500 for the other. Both were very very clean. Here are some pics. Here comes the bad part. Got the cub home. Ran it for 20 minutes and it broke a rod. No I was not giving it hell. Took of at 75% and heard a crunch. Had not been at full throttle yet on it. Broke the cases in three spots. Pulled it apart and it beat up the cylinder skirt in some place. It was pretty bad. Sent it to Kevin at Herr Jugs since he had so much good feedback here. Man he lives up to it. He saved my cylinders!!! His estimate cam in under and he was super prompt even over the holidays. I sent the engine off before Christmas and it is on its way back right now. He was super responsive and personable through the entire process. Thanks Kevin!!!! I will try to get it installed in the next few weeks. I live in Indiana so we won't have any good riding for a while but when it warms up look out. If anyone wants to ride in central Indiana let me know. I have 4 banshees to choose from and I am ready to ride. So are my friends. Cheers, Quinn
  14. selling my 421 Serval Cylinders with 68mm Wisecos and Rings also have some VF4 Reeds wanting 1150 for cylinder pistons combo or 900 for top end, 200 for pistons, and 200 for reeds or 1350 for whole loot all is brand new reeds and pistons new in box cylinders have never been on cases
  15. Do I need to put sealer on head bolts going into the cylinders? Do I put sealer on the water jacket plugs? Do I need to mix my gas more than 32:1 for break in? What does my squish need to be? Thanks
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