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Found 3 results

  1. My banshee is running off of one cylinder(right only) and it won’t idle. Compression is good, leakdown test held 6psi for 6 min. Tried everything I can. New plugs, cleaned carbs thoroughly, floats good, swapped plug boots, swapped reeds, stator is spec. I am ready to give up, need some help
  2. Ok, I got a banshee that wouldn’t start. what I have done since: cleaned carbs completely, adjusting floats, adjusted carb screws to stock, removed old fuel and blew out fuel lines, checked/cleaned reeds, changed spark plugs, compression tested 125psi each side. It will start only with the help of starting fluid, no idle, misfires from right cylinder. It came with a cool head, fmf pipes and what looks to be a tors delete carb setup installed. Also received box of miscellaneous old parts including cdi box and stator...I’m guessing previous owner had some kind of issue with this. attached is video of bike running and missing ANY help would be great! I will switch plug wires to see if mis goes to other cylinder and check to see if the brain was disconnected. Any other thoughts? I guess the video is larger than 0.5kb. Will try to reduce size and post that
  3. My banshee WILL NOT kick start or Idle warm or cold but if its pushed, pulled off it runs like its got a turbo on it. the motoer is set up for dunes as I bought it on ebay because it was cheaper thab rebilding the blown one that I got it with. I also wanna make it run on pump gas. Any ideas?
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