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Found 10 results

  1. ***ATTENTION**ATTENTION**ATTENTION*** ***ALL ATV OWNERS**&**ALL UTV OWNERS*** DTR Racing Has over 500 products and accessories for all your ATV's and Side x Side's on sale right NOW. Check out our DTR Racing EBay store for some of the best pricing around. Don't see what your looking for? Feel free to give DTR Racing a call at (503)589-1300. http://stores.ebay.com/DTR-Racing DTR Racing 1810 Commercial st ne Salem, Oregon 97301 M-F 10am-6pm Sat 10am-5pm
  2. Have to place an order at work with my o-ring supplier this week. Anyone know the exact sizes of FKM O-rings for Keith's head. My best guess is 045 for the outers, 039 for the domes, and the small ones around the plugs 026. Thanks for the help
  3. Looking for opinions on who makes the best custom domes for a pump gas 4mm!
  4. I've got a stock banshee with K & N pods and CPI pipes. (my son's) It doesn't have much low end response and I'm looking to do a simple upgrade to get the most out of it. Was thinking this: cool head 20 or 21 cc domes (not sure which) riding at 1,300 feet V Force reeds (3 or ?) What am I missing or what should I consider? I have a similar set up with T5's and it runs strong and has for8 years with no engine work needed. I ride it pretty hard so I have been impressed. Thoughts?
  5. Tyler Clark does a great job for everyone with the passion for the Banshee! We, too, would like to extend a thanks to everyone out there for the tremendous support this year! We are offering this Holiday sale pricing exclusively to Banshee HQ members. Let's bring in the new year together with top-running machines! BRAAAAP Our sales listed below are available now through Jan 5th. Pricing + Shipping..... WISECO PISTONS 573 Series (Blaster) 68mm & 68.25mm ........................ $89.99 ea 513 Series (Banshee) Stock-66.25mm .......................... $103.99 ea Pro X CAST PISTONS Blaster 68mm ............................ $76.99 ea Banshee Stock-66.5mm ............................. $78.99 ea COMPLETE GASKET KIT ............................................... $48.95 ea TOP END GASKET KIT ............................................... $29.99ea COOL HEAD O-RING SET ................................................ $16.95ea BLACK or WHITE UHMW (plastic) CASE SAVER ........... $29.95ea KaN Powersports T-SHIRTS .................................... $25.00 (with orders over $100.00......12.95-shipping included w/ parts order) VARIOUS LABOR DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE .............. Call with your specific needs, and details. Thank you again for a killer 2013!!! Nate KaN Powersports LLC (801) 686-4556
  6. title says it all... in the two pics are my 21cc domes. are the okay to use on my rebuild or do you think i should just buy some new ones. the left one looks perfect but right is a little scratched up as you can tell. what do you guys think? oh and dont worry about the cool head itself... i have to clean it up http://s23.postimg.org/5ckkrjl6z/20130728_204433.jpg http://s10.postimg.org/92coib9g9/20130728_204426.jpg
  7. decided to put together a banshee and auction if off for tornado victims in Moore. My house is roughly 50 yards from homes that are totally lost. I'm hoping to get donations and spend a little cash and build a shee. Need Basically everything. I have a frame being shipped in and getting ready for the build. Please let me know if there is anything you guys can donate or sell on the cheap. i'll be posting pics of the progress as we get closer. my name is Cody 4058089666. please hit me up and i really appreciate you guys taking the time. this is the best site/community i've ever come across and look forward to working with you guys.. THANKS
  8. Ok, I'm new here and I know I could probably find this out myself if I looked here long enough. I bought an 03 last year with the pistons shot. I honed it out and got all the metal out I found without splitting the cases, put some 65.5 vertex pistons in it and ran it for about 20 hours and it went quick again. Since then I got in a bad work accident, been on a bunch of meds, and had my computer stolen that had all the mods saved on it. Here's what I can remember he said was done to the motor: Vito's long rod (115 mm) 4 mm stroker crank .060 cylinder bore (65.5 mm pistons) Pro circuit pipes (don't know exact model) KEIHIN carbs (jetting unknown now) Cool-head with 22 cc domes (I think) I have since found out that the cylinders are ACTUALLY 80 over, so 66.00 mm. (My fault for not finding this stuff out for sure myself)... Also found out I need Wiseco 795's for the long rods. That kit just came in along with an upper and lower end gasket kit. I have the motor completely apart and split this time so I can get any and ALL shavings out. I pretty much have everything under control except for these questions: -Will the dome I've pictured, and haven't cleaned yet, work fine if I buff it out some? -If not, what domes should I run at about 600 ft elevation, 95-104 0ctane? -What jetting should I start with in the carbs? **Keep in mind that I am trying to get a hold of some banshee port templates to do some minimal porting myself just out of curiosity.. I have a few extra cylinders on hand, and have time to wait for some of my injuries to heal. Thanks Banshee peeps -
  9. Looking to build a 4 mill dune port shee. I need some reasonably priced PWKs, 4 mill lr crank, dune ported 4 mill cylinders, also need a -2 round housing swingarm and carrier, and a reasonable cool head. Thanks
  10. I'm trying to help a friend of mine find a Vito's Hemi Head and a set of the Original Rocket R1 Pipe's and Silencers for a 68mm Athena Big Bore build he's doing on his Banshee. Please let me know if you or someone you know has a set of R1 Pipes/Silencers or the Vito's Hemi Cool Head. It would be nice if the head had Vito's Big Bore Domes but its fine if it doesn't. He can order a new set. Thank You, Thack82
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