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  1. My banshee is running off of one cylinder(right only) and it won’t idle. Compression is good, leakdown test held 6psi for 6 min. Tried everything I can. New plugs, cleaned carbs thoroughly, floats good, swapped plug boots, swapped reeds, stator is spec. I am ready to give up, need some help
  2. My banshee loads up way too fast what causes this I have a 2005 banshee with toomey t5 pipes and cool heads. We are running stock carbs and stock jetting settings. When I’m riding it loads up very quickly. The only way it doesn’t load up is if I’m accelerating or getting on it. Another thing that concerns me is how powerful the powerband is. I am very well versed with banshees but this one’s power band is just crazy it goes from very little power then it hits. Also I don’t know how to put it in words but it feels like it misses or lags at times but it doesn’t seem to do this in the power band. Any suggestions?
  3. I stopped my banshee because i noticed a sound from the radiator. I checked the back water tank it was dry. Then opened the radiator, noticed i could stuff my whole finger in there before touching the water. I added water and it kept emptying more precisely going to the backward tank. What should i do?
  4. Hey all, looking for recommendations as my banshee ate a chunk of intake this last summer. Looking to go bigger but i also want to be faster than my friends who are both sporting 421's, what i'm looking for is your guys opinion should I: build a 421 on race gas, a pump gas 472 or trench my case and go big 10mm or so. Cheers
  5. Hey everyone just chasing some advice had my 2012 stock as a rock shee sitting for a good couple of months and was running fine last time i rode it, couldnt get it to start so i changed the plugs finally got it started, it idles fine but when i give it throttle it makes a really throaty sucking sound and wont pick up in rpm. I took the carbys of and cleaned them they had a bit of sand in them but it hasnt fixed the problem any suggestions Also what filter settups is everyone running the stock setup is sooo shit
  6. I'm a noob to the world of banshees. I raced super cross as a kid though. (2stroke ofcourse, until everybody started breaking bones) So when my old man said he wanted to start riding as a family again since the grand kids are getting bigger, I figured I'd break down and get a legit quad. (Unlike all the beaters we got sitting around the yard) Anyhow, 2stroke is in my blood. It was quadzilla or a Shee. Easy choice for me. I bought one off Craigslist with rebuilt carbs. Shame on me. Ran great the first two short outings, but then started to bog about mid throttle. Stock everything on bike accept for k&n pods, and f&M pipes, and for some reason the timings advanced. Otherwise pretty stock bike. A 2005. I went to av gas. 100ll. Left it same as previous owner....32:1. Definitely better response with av gas. Same bog mid throttle though. I did some reading on yalls forum and moved the clip on the needle up one. Big difference, but still a tad of a bog at mid throttle till the power band kicks in. Then she flies. Good response on first quarter throttle, and nice idle. ( I like a higher idle) My questions are....its a stock carb, so will I damage the engine if I take the clip to the top? She feels nearly perfect except for that damn little bog period, so would small tuning pilot or idle screw maybe help seeing I moved the clip up one from center already? WOT is smokin fast so main jet is good right? Could there be an air leak or gasket issue going on? There was a reason he rebuilt the carbs... slides look a little worn too. Should I just buy new carbs and be done with it? I want the motor to be on point! I am particular about my equipment and stuff like that. I enjoy the reward after the process of fixing the problem too, but I do need some direction and help though. I know Jack crap about banshees and 2stroke carbs besides what ive learned the last few days reading yalls forum. Any advice woild be greatly appreciated. My old man said get a 4stroke. Hell with that.
  7. i need help rebuilding my banshee i think i just need to rebuild the top end but im not sure how to tell if the crank needs replacing also one exuast was smoking more than the other when it was running let me know thanks also had some old cylinders that i barely used was wondering if i could make them good again
  8. I have a 03 banshee with t3s on it air box mod, tors delete and im 335 elevation and usually ride in 60-90 degree weather. still has stock jets and i need to know what size jets i should use. THank you
  9. Hey guys! So I was recommended to weld my flywheel puller on to my fucked flywheel to get it off. Well, it didn't work and I am a shitty welder. I also don't think the welder was getting hot enough (Harbor Freight ). Oh well, it was worth a try. So, does anyone know of a shop preferably in Orange County, California that can remove this flywheel? I would like to keep the stator intact and not mar the crank also. But I have a feeling this thing is going to need to be pressed off and if that doesn't work, cut off. And if it has to be cut, I can say goodbye to my stator.
  10. Well id like to first start off saying i LOVE bhq (been stalking you guys since i got the thing) but now i have a problem. Last weekend i made a horrible mistake of leaving the key in it (where i was i didnt think i had to worry about it) come back and the nerf bar on the right side was bent up. Stock a arms and tie rods tweaked and ALL 4 RIMS ARE BENT not all bad but still wtf. Went half on the shee with my father and hes reall ticked just like i am. Friday i was going to be getting rims (have stock on there now was going to be getting these http://m.ebay.com/itm/FOUR-ITP-SS112-Rims-Yamaha-Banshee-Warrior-350-Set-of-4-Wheels-Machined-Black/272070258392?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20161006002618%26meid%3Dfbc802b480fe4cddb1b1ad2b1fee4455%26pid%3D100694%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D30%26sd%3D221999751590&_trksid=p2385738.c100694.m4598) but i dont want to replace the tire cause theres nothing wrong with them. So my question is. Can i get these rims and just slap on the old rubbers? Ive been everywhere looking for sizes but everyone is always one number off. As for the a arms can anyone tell me where to find stock size aftermarket ones? Id love to go +2 +1 but then it wouldnt fit in the back of the truck. the shee is at my dads place right now. Next time im over there ill take some pics. Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
  11. Hello guys how are you? well thing is i recently did my top end, bought brand new cilinders, rings, pistons, gaskets, did this like 4 months ago and i have used it for about 2 hours, mostly beach riding, havent gone trailing yet, ive used 32:1 oil ratio, pump gas, recently i started having problems turning it on, went to my mechanic and did a compression test, it says 60psi! we get the cool head out and check the cilinders and pistons for wear, they are like new! no scratches, no tears, no dents, everything looks as if it was built yesterday, only thing we notice is pistons have a little play, could it be a ring failure? another thing, once i get it to turn on it works perfectly, it runs good, pipes are not dripping oil, the are dry, it doesnt consume oil from the tranny, doesnt overheat, and turns on everytime once i get it to turn on the first time. help dont know what to do, should i try and throw some new rings in it?
  12. Ok so I just picked up a 1998 Banshee today and it has a Extended swing arm with Roundhouse carrier... When putting it on the lift I noticed the rear axle to be sloppy also the brake caliper stay brake bracket free floating around... Question is , what keeps the brake bracket stationary to the carrier?? Don't want it to stay sloppy, causes the brake caliper to bind on the Rotor!!!
  13. 6 Weeks ago my banshee developed a clutch problem. I rode down the road and when I released the clutch handle the clutch arm jammed and the clutch cable came loose. We knocked the clutch arm back, put the cable back in place, tightened and we were able able to push the clutch arm fully back and forth with our finger alone, so it worked again. Now we've got it back and after changing gears for the first time, it did the same thing. Pulled in the clutch handle, release and it didn't spring back. Because the clutch arm jammed shut and the cable had come loose and was pulling freely. We tried the same thing but only managed to free it a little, the clutch arm does not go far enough forward to actually engage the clutch. I'd like to know if there's anything if I can do to help the situation that doesnt require a lot of stripping. I'd like to refrain from sending it to the Yamaha mechanic for the 3rd time in 5 months, but if it involves taking the engine out, stripping the clutch and removing the carbs just to take out the clutch linkage, then i'll just send it to the mechanic once again because I really don't know what to look for. Here is a video showing the problem:
  14. okay so i started my banshee the day before ran in idle smooth. next day i installed my eliminator kit & my boyesen dual power reeds on my stock reed cage. i followed all the proper instructions, filed down the left&right carb outside for my new idle screw.. even removed the black tors computer on the frame the day before i completely removed my tors and like i said my banshee ran smooth during idle. took off the tors cable that runs from the throttle, sealed it, unplugged all the extra cables. synced the carbs the slides are equal. put my k&n pods on and tried to kick start it, no start.. i thought it could be the reeds so i took them out and loosened the screws so the pedals could be a little more looser still no start. can somebody help me find the problem? 565ft above water, and i ride on the streets(outlaw)
  15. Previous owner of my banshee didn't clean it , now there is about 4mm of old greasy mud stuck to the underneath , any ideas how to remove it? I spend 40 minutes with a wire brush today but I can't get in the small groves and tight areas , maybe WD-40 would do the job or powerwashing it. Any advise? Thanks.
  16. Got my banshee out yesterday and tried to start it , wouldn't start at all so I push started it , ran perfect.When I turned the engine off to put fuel and wash my glasses out I thought it won't start , but it started like it used to do(engine was still warm). Today it wouldn't start on cold engine , push started it and runs perfect , starts on warm engine no problem. One of my spark plug wires is broken but I put it back into place and secured it. Also when I turn the choke on the quad slowly dies , the rev's go down until it bogs down? Any help? Will be very grateful for help.
  17. I recently purchased an original all stock (so i'm told) 1987 banshee for a school project. It runs and drives, however starting the thing is a pain in the a$$. The guy told me that it has an auto choke but I don't know if I believe him. After it starts it runs awesome. When its below 50 degrees fahrenheit I have to use starting fluid and it starts up no problem. Above 50 degrees it starts on about the 7th or 8th kick. Did they ever make an auto choke for a banshee, especially a 1987? Anyways should be a fun project. Thanks Tyler
  18. hello guys, i just finished up some maitenance on my banshee today and rolled it outiside to start it up and it started up and idled great, i did all fluids change and spark plugs change and cleaned the k&n air filter in it, the pipes from the headers back were rotten so i took them off and im still waiting for new ones in the mail. i took the quad for a spin and it is great in the low rpms but has no sort of power band. it just seems like it wants to rip loose and i floor it and it doesnt happen, please tell me that the banshee soemtimes dont hit powerband because of incorrect backpressure with the exhausts off because i really hope its not another issue. do haveing exhaust off cause the banshees to not hit power band? please help guys. oh yeah and right before i put it away it was driving like a beast like a week ago
  19. Hey guys, I am about to buy this 2 into 1 kit from chariot for $200 comes with everything not a carb. Has anyone used this 2 into 1 kit before? If you did how was it? Also I have a 4 mil banshee with fmf fatty's, powercore 2's, vforces, and a cool head with 19cc domes pump gas. What carburetor do you think I should run with this set up? I think a 39 pwk would be good but what do I know right. Reply's are greatly appreciated.
  20. Hey Guys , new to this site and just looking for some jetting expertise. I have a 1999 banshee stock air box with FMF Powercore II exhaust, K&N filter, no other real mods motor was a fresh rebuild last year. Ive been messing around trying to get it bang on but haven't hit it yet. Its idling very low when warmed up and will die out if I let it sit, just changed to a 270 main, pilot is 25 ( I think too small ?) air screws 2 out clip mid position. it has a bog at low idle 0-1000 rpm ...pilot too small ? any help appreciated, elevation roughly 1000
  21. Well I have a 87 banshee and it used to run fine.. It was used a week at the dunes and after 6 days it started being very hard to start. It has good compression, new reeds, you have to kick it hard to start it and it almost wants to bog kinda but you pull the clutch in and it stops the bogging. Sounds like fuel issue but its not trust me. The headlights are as dim as a candle and its hard to start when it's hot too. I believe when I ride it, it's loosing spark and dies out. I ordered a new stator last night hoping that resolves my issue. What do you think it is? I've also been told a dirty flywheel? It might be since it was at the dunes for 6 days
  22. My banshee isn't idling correctly off half choke. When the rpms are coming down to idle, they high pitched and slow coming down. It's kind of hard to explain, but when it's on choke it idles and idles down perfectly. I really need help on this issue. I'm new to bansheehq. Thanks!
  23. Hey, i'm new to banshees, just bought a 2001, its in rough condition. Motor is leaking oil at shifter and breaks have no compression. Was wondering if anyone has any suggestion on what are the first steps in to making this thing show quality. Looking to do the work myself. I am mechanically inclined. Any suggestions would be awesome
  24. I have a problem fellow Banshee owners. I have had my Banshee for about 6 months now. About two weeks ago I hopped on it and took off for a little ride and it was only getting hot on the left side. I could actually put my hand on the right side for a few seconds before it felt warm. I have cleaned the carbs, installed a new coil, changed the Main jets to 300. The pilot jets are 30s. It still has the factory tops to the carbs but the TORS is unplugged. The carbs have been synced, cleaned. The compression on both sides is 120. I have taken the stator apart and cleaned it and inspected it. I have not checked the black ox behind the seat. At first it started as a plug fouling issue I am pretty sure. Then this started to happen.
  25. Just picked up a new bike ,threw a few new parts on it (nothing electrical ) , new fluids , and kicked it over with one of the plugs out and it doesn't spark , the key was removed by the person befor me and replaced with one of those tether things . I don't kno much about electrical so was looking for some troubleshooting help from some banshee lovers like myself . Can post pictures if needed i think idk because this is my first posting , thanks in advance !
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