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  1. Great pipes. They fall right in between the CPI and Shearer RPM
  2. Definitely go Driveline cases. OEM quality with added material for the trenching and the sealing surface is beefed up. Pro Mod transmission will be the way to go for what you’re doing. Maybe see if hou can get your hands on an RZ350 transmission out of the street bike for longer gearing. Sprockets can get ya by on the stock trans, but the spread on the street bike trans is nice. There is always the option of switching primary gears as well.
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tapatalk is trash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got a set of these on my bench right now. Lane & Bill are making moves! Their cases are friggin’ nice. They are a way cleaner casting then OEM. Hard to believe, but they are.
  6. I think I would consider swapping to a big bore pipe. The CPI’s were definitely keeping it hot as they’re pretty much past their capabilities at 500CC, let alone a ported super cub. The switch to Shearers will help, but after riding for a while in the dunes I bet you’re still fighting heat. They will be sweet for short rides and dyno runs, but a race gas motor with timing over 500cc is gonna be much happier with a big bore pipe for longer rides.
  7. Possible replacement frame? They were vin’d differently.
  8. Way more then the $1500 this fella is hoping to build frames for. Honestly the frame was about $4500 to build, and all the Rath Ti stuff is closer to $5500. Race Tech hardware is a little over $2k. PEPs were about $4k. All the other stuff like controls, shifter, brakes, lines, etc is stupid.
  9. Lol… If someone would pay 2/3 of what I have in to it, maybe.
  10. I It hasn’t been touched since I ordered all the Ti components. Just been to busy to finish. Got a full truck build going and booked 12 months out on renovations. Probably time to get my shit together…
  11. Whitbread came through. It took some time, but he knocked it out of the park. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The carbs are not helping as much as the head/domes.
  13. You can definitely get the cylinders ported. If it’s already apart it would be worth making a few other easy and cheap upgrades that make the rest of the package run right. You’ll need domes for your set up, and a timing plate would be worth tossing on there. The carbs can be jetted for the new set up. A ported stock bore/stroke set up dialed in could make 60ish hp depending on how it’s set up.
  14. Ducati Monster caliper is a Brembo. Both Cuervo Racing and Race Tech offer them in kits with a new Brembo opposing twin piston calipers with the mounting bracket and hardware.
  15. I paid to have a YFZ geometry banshee frame done. It was designed so that any yfz parts will bolt up. Only specific parts would be a lengthened yfz steering stem to clear the higher banshee tank, and a custom rear no link shock for your application. Jigs are not fancy, but would enable you to get a unit produced, and then build a production jig based off that. Let me know if you’re interested in renting the jig. I don’t know that I want to sell it out right as I still want the ability to do repairs on my junk if needed.
  16. Looks neato... But really it’s just reinventing the wheel.
  17. Look up the DASA TRex. They were the same set up, just branded FMF. They are a bit of a dated motor by today’s standards, but they definitely ran decent. Hit up Tony Doukas Racing for any parts as he bought up the last of the T Rex inventory and makes some other parts.
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