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  1. Looks neato... But really it’s just reinventing the wheel.
  2. Look up the DASA TRex. They were the same set up, just branded FMF. They are a bit of a dated motor by today’s standards, but they definitely ran decent. Hit up Tony Doukas Racing for any parts as he bought up the last of the T Rex inventory and makes some other parts.
  3. Stand up buffer with tripoli and medium wheel to get through the oxidation. Fine wheel and tripoli to shine, fine wheel and rouge or green bar to finish it. Best hand polish you’ll ever touch will be Master Formula for finishing and the occasional hand buff.
  4. Your idea of using one of the round tube pipe hangers like you see on the newer 4 strokes would be the best option. My originals had welded tabs and they vibrated and cracked. Once I did them with the round tube clamps with a rubber isolator in the top bolt hole, the excess vibration went away. Way more pleasant to ride. Plenty of options from summit, jegs, and other bike/atv suppliers. https://www.budracing-usa.com/us/replacement-stainless-bracket-with-alloy-red-support-for-bud-racing-2-stroke-silencer.html
  5. 100hp is pretty common these days. Depends on what you’re doing with it to determine what route to go. If you just like blasting the dunes and drag racing a 4mm cub will get you there. If you want to do dunes and trails and keep some low end, a bigger Serval may be the way to go. Either way, plenty of options.
  6. Bottom of the intakes should have bore & stroke on one side and serv on the other.
  7. Knobbie rules, if not switch to an American Racer or Hoosier.
  8. What type of set up are they? Are they one of Harry’s old metal O ring sealed heads? Some of the big bore strokers he built many moons ago were pretty different. If you need more help, Harry sold Trinity to Dasa a number of years ago and is now just operating a smaller shop under https://www.mcdermottracing.com
  9. Socialist media is rapidly becoming unbearable.
  10. Definitely go with the 521. I assume you’ll be in some of the sand? Those dunes are massive. The 521 Serval will have gobs of torque. My buddy has a 521 serval on a stock length swing arm. I had my 535 cheetah on a -2 swing arm. Are you only planning on being in the sand out there or running some of that red hard pack in the trails?
  11. They used to be a big MX parts builder in the 90’s. Pretty sure they went under early 2000’s. Nice quality stuff. Glad you snatched that up from Rob so I didn’t spend money on it just to put it on a shelf.
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