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  1. Will post pictures up shortly, none handy ATM. Barn find 1983 ATC110. Located in Lenox, Michigan. Would make a fun and simple restoration project, or use it for parts to revive another bike. A lot of solid pieces on it that are probably difficult to find.
  2. Dynatek Ignition $220 Shift minder light $60 Both together $260
  3. To the top. I have a lot of vent tubing available. $1.50 a foot.
  4. I have a complete 04 SE set available. PM if interested.
  5. The OEM rear master cylinder is a tried and true system. A lot of guys who build expensive, frame up drag bikes use OEM. I recommend going that route. That's a genuine answer to your question, and I'm not trying to be a salesman, but I have an entire OEM rear brake setup for sale if your interested.
  6. Selling cheap. Tell me what you want to pay and we can work something out.
  7. Facts^^^^, If your building from scratch with top shelve parts, you can get above $20,000 quick. You wanna go deep in the game, you can get to $30,000.
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