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    YFZ/Banshee Hybrid. Chassis is a 2004 YFZ 450 Engine is a totaly refurbished 2001 Banshee im told it is stock bore. It has prodesign cool heads, weisco pistons, Vito's Fat Bastard Pipes & Silencers, V-force 4 reeds with 28mm billet cross-over intake manifold, 28mm Mikuni flat slide carbs, Custom made boot to custom aluminum airbox. Elka suspension all around. Oversized YFZ radiator. Extended A-Arms X-33 Eliminator axle. Alba reinforcer rims all around on Tech 4 tires. Bike is in the finishing stages of mock up fabrication and am currently fine tuning before powdercoating.

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  1. Thanks for the advice. I did a little research and your right the porting is much cheaper than going 4 mil. I was looking on Redlines site and they have a play port 200 for the pair or dune port 400 for the pair. Do you think the dune port would be the better option with these vitos pipes?
  2. I ride trails and sand pits alot. I ride pretty aggressive though. Like a possessed nut lol. I have the Vitos fat bastard pipes which already fit perfectly and im told they come alive on a 4mil.
  3. Qustion.. Would my mikuni tm 28's be big enough for a cheetah cub?
  4. Yeah there stock yamaha cylinders. Ive got a broken exhaust spring tab on one of them. The more i think about it i really might just drop some dough and do a cheetah cub and go balls out
  5. 5 years ago i built a yfz banshee hybrid and when i built it i fabricated the frame around my pipes instead of cutting the pipes. Im running Vitos fat bastards on a stock bore with mikuni tm 28mm carbs v force 3 reeds cool head with 21cc domes hot rod crank only 30 hrs old stock length. Im finding that im not impressed with the power im getting from the motor and im sure its becasue the pipes are to big for the setup. So my options are to either go 4mil or have LED performance custom make me a set of tuned pipes. Just curious what i can do with what i have. Whats my best bang for the buck.
  6. Thanks for the reply Tricked. Im glad to hear that those pipes will work out. Ive tried fitting up a few dif sets of various brands and they all swing way forward into the space that my radiator is now occupying. Also the vitos pipes just barely clear the A-arms where all the others did not. Ironically the people who i got the bad advice from was none other than Vito's Racing. He told me that i would need to either lengthen the pipes out from the head or after the fattest part of the pipe before the stingers. he said that my motor was not setup right for them and that id be needing to up the compression and possibly larger bore. He was kind of a dick on the phone too. Like i was annoying him or some shit. Current set up: 65.5mm bore Timing advanced +4 Chariot billet intake manifold V-force 4 reeds Keihin pwk 35mm duals 52 pilot 195 mains clip on middle position. Not 100% sure about the needles ( letters worn ) they need to be replaced dont know which ones i need? Vito's FB pipes and silencers. Gearing: Front sprocket is the stock banshee i believe its a 14 T Rear Sprocket is now 42T up from stock YFZ 38T And yes its spitting coolant right away. Ive had the coolhead off 4 times now for dif reasons. I think i may have torqued it wrong my first go round. Ive since replaced all the o-rings and used a smear of black rtv on the outer edge. Torqued to 20 ft/lbs in the proper sequence. One thing ive noticed about the Vito's pipes is they are smack on the head on both sides and they either are rubbing or melting the alum slightly. I can get some pics tomorrow. Starting to think i may aswell order a new coolhead and make some room next time for them damn pipes to breath. I checked the impeller for free spin and it seems tight. Radiator may be some of the issue. I had to use a brass 90 degree elbow with a smaller diameter flow hole than it had been. Im going to weld on a alum 90 and see if that helps. Ive also got a YFZ radiator fan that i thought about trying to wire in some how if all else fails. I take it if im sucking coolant it must be coming from the coolhead right? It does seem to be coming out quite violently when it starts spitting.
  7. Ive been building a YFZSHEE for the past year now and im having some issues mainly due to lack of knowledge on engine mods and such. I am trying to make the bike suitable for MX and riding timber trails. When i built the Hybrid i fabricated the stock YFZ chassis to fit around my Vito's pipes. The main issue im having here is my motor is only bored over 1.5mm from stock making it 65.5mm Ive been told that is not enough bore for the Vito's Pipes. Second issue, IT WAS ALOT OF WORK days and weeks metal working to make the pipes and motor fit without a cobbled look, Basically re-engineered the entire front end of the frame. So long story short no other pipes except the Vito's will fit the contour of the custom frame so im pretty much stuck with those pipes unless i make my own from scratch or figure out a way to tune/gear the motor so it has mid range power instead of all top end. I just switched domes out from 22cc down to 21cc. Im running dual keihin pwk35 What needles would best suit application? Is pwk35mm to big? Should i be running higher octane fuel? What mix ratio? best quess at jetting pilot & main? Currently running +4 timing advanced on stator plate. Just installed OEM coil from china cheapy. Any suggestions on timing? Intake is a chariot billet dual setup. Carbs are to big for intake boots but the rubber will slip onto larger carbs just streched a bit and then hose clamped. Running a 2-1 airbox custom made boot from stainless tubing to a OFM alum YFZ 450 airbox no lid no outer wear. GOOD? yes? no? Last ride out i discovered the rear sprocket was -2 teeth gear ratio vs stock banshee ratio so i upped the rear sprocket from 38T to 42T Any comments? Advice? it did seem to help improve low end torgue a bit but i need a steady pull instead of power band snapping on violetly as i does on drag style rides in wide open fields. Im so damn close but so far away. he bike is kinda choppy all through the powerband so something is off yet? It acts like it wants to snap and then just kinda revs high and peters out a bit. Im trying everything i can before commiting to chopping a set of pipes up and making a dif set fit the modded chassis. ALSO would not having the drain or aire hoses on carbs for waste run off hooked up effect how it runs? And last problem on the list. My oversized 40mm alum radiator is spitting hot coolant out of the drain/gorund line after only running for a matter of 5 minutes. Any idea why? Im open for suggestions. I just wanna rip a huge wheelie and i cant get enough torque to pop one up. Power band wants to come on to late so it be nice to get that in a respectable range. I have a full service tool shop / metal fab ready so if alterations need be done its all gravy. Hopefully somebody has the magic answer and i can rip today otherwise looking like getting all bagged up wrenching again lol. Thanks in avance for your help & advice. Peace Clownboy ooot! PS click link in my sig to view pics
  8. I have a nice set of Vito's Fat Bastard small bore inframe drag pipes with Shearer silencers id like to trade for a set of DMC 916 or Toomey T'5 http:// http:// Also have 3 sets of banshee carbs: Mikuni TM 28mm Flatslide , Keihin PJ34mm Polished, Keihin PWK35mm Interested in a lectron single 35mm or pair of 28mm Open to trades make me an offer. Wanted: Fullbore or Laker white YFZ 450 plastics.
  9. Looking good SuperFast! Its a tight fit getting all the bits and bobs tucked in just right. I often have to have my son help me tighten down clamps bolts and what not on my hybrid. Cant get my friggen fat hands down in there lol. The joys of building cool shit ayy.
  10. Thanks again everybody who gave kind remarks to my build!!! Well i was thinking that its really hard for me to not share the current status of the YFZ/Banshee until ive covered the build tutorial. So i think ill just do a doudle post of the build process as it progressing leading up to current, and the current goings on with the bike and in the final stages. Please youll have to bear with me as im still gathering my pics from a crashed PC as well as working 60 hours per week makes it hard to find the time to lay it out in order. Ill do my best. Thanks for following along. Peace Clownboy
  11. Thanks Deadbeat.. I did get a few decent rides on the YZ motor before it blew. It had some balls at first but not as much as i was anticipating. I think i was a little disappointed right away that it didnt scare the shit out of me or even make my heart rate go up lol. Mostly i think it was the motor was tired. It needed a top end and an intake boot which i could not find anywhere because the bike was so old they stopped manufacturing certain parts. I did eventually rebuild the YZ with a re-sleeved cylinder 0.5mm bore and weisco piston. The cylinder i bought used off of ebay and to my amazement it also came with an intake which was kick ass. After the rebuild i stuck it in a Blaster roller i had in the shop and was just going to try and sell it and recoop some lost money. My home boy Harvey who is my riding pal seen the swap i done and convinced me to keep it in our collection of hybrids. We nicknamed it "The Blister" cause youd sure enough have a handful of them from trying to hang on to the snappy little death trap lol. I ve heard the 2000-06 are where its at for the YZ 250 maybe someday ill try it again and see how it rips over the 1991. [/url]">http://http://s24.photobucket.com/user/rcmcllc/media/44f14727-b312-4384-b32d-db4f1e11506e_zps6rkyvxzc.jpg.html'> Thanks Jigsaw. It is totally a blast to ride. It handles like a dream with the long travel suspension and i think the YFZ is sligtly more compact and lighter than the banshee so it has a little more snort to throw around. Its always fun seeing peoples reaction when they realize that it aint no 4 poke. Thanks Tricked. I originally wanted to go black plastic over candy apple red chassis until i priced new fenders holy man. So i just had to make the most out of the white plastics i already had. Ive always had a hard time with finding a graphic kit that looks good on white but this one here might be the best one ive ever come across. And now 6 months later i was going to order another set of the same graphics so i could have front fenders non race cut only i cant find them to be available anymore. Might have to do up a DFR set next round.
  12. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s24.photobucket.com/user/rcmcllc/media/IMG_20141115_1951374261_zpshqqfwlx1.jpg.html'>
  13. Good point Cam. I started out using a stock YFZ 450 radiator mounted smack behind the front shock mounts and in front of the steering stem. We gently bent the radiator in a slight V and finagled it into the small space. It actually worked out quite well but the crudeness of the bend made me want to do better. I wound up using an aftermarket oversized alum radiator for the end result. Needless to say no way in hell it was going to fit in the same cut as the much slimmer stock radiator so the frame went back on the fab table. wound up moving the steering stem seat back approx 2" which changed the angle of the stem and also pushed the already +1 Houser up another 1.5". At first i thought the pitch might be a little extreme but after riding it i absolutely love the way it feels and handles. The angle is by far more ideal than the OEM position and with the extra rise on the height of the handle bars its really comfortable. I told a homie of mine it felt like a BMX dirt jumper and i bet i could bunny hop with it lol. That damn radiator situation was probably the most perplexing obstacle to overcome on the entire build but im glad i took the time to do it right. http:// http://
  14. A small update. Im hella busy these days so i thought id drop some pics of the Shee randomly picked from start to nearing completion. Along with a few pics of the fabrication going into this build on the chassis and exhaust. I found that the Vito's fat bastard pipes were a bit to large for the engine bore and setup so i fabricated a scaled down low/mid range set of pipes that fit inside the modded chassis exactly the same as the vitos. I know my 2:1 silencer is the shit. Only Gytr banshee 2:1 in the world. Tell me what yall think. Peace ooot Clownboy http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/th_VID_20141010_1835160361_zps15s6lwvu.mp4 http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20141213_242153540_HDR_zpsvpjbc97c.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20141213_1900335461_zps2c25pczr.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150111_181827767_HDR1_zps5qrxfis2.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150211_195448878_HDR1_zpsptfnnaon.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150215_120748146_HDR1_zpskpbw1742.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150214_184500840_HDR1_zpshtwrkksa.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150215_1612055151_zpsnfabfawv.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150215_2104308071_zpsioz8rvnr.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150216_144620346_HDR1_zpsktieu1nt.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150214_184312181_HDR1_zpskxlg9cvs.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150216_144742742_HDR1_zpsmp4dcmet.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150214_184328707_HDR1_zpszyo1zxbx.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150216_1447077801_zps3pu2jpwb.jpg http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/IMG_20150216_1448366121_zps4san6yrl.jpg Sneak peek at the "Blister" Yz 250 Blaster build. http://http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c6/rcmcllc/44f14727-b312-4384-b32d-db4f1e11506e_zps6rkyvxzc.jpg
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