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  1. Just adding to this. I've run a Dynatek for like 4 years now. But, it is worthless without a programmer. Super nice to be able to adjust timing with the flip of a switch.
  2. Reeds can affect jetting marginally. Main difference is worn out cracked reeds make the engine act rich. Replace old reeds with new and see how it runs. Adjust jetting as needed. I think you'll be happier with the 27.5 pilot since you have pods.
  3. Technically it was the FDA being lazy in responding to a FOIA request. It severely understaffed its FOIA department. Also, due to the amount of paperwork and redacting of patient names and trade secrets. In the suit, it states that an estimated $132,000 of labor will be needed to process the one FOIA request. Then again, yeah, 50-75 years to release the documents was ridiculous. https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/031-REPLY-filed-by-Public-Health-and-Medical-Professionals-for-Transparency-re-22-Brief-Memorandum-in-Support-of-Motion.pdf
  4. Just so you know, the article states that it is a theoretical possibility. Only 0.178% of the people in the study had suspected VAED. None were confirmed the have VAED. Statistically, Peanuts are deadlier than the Covid Vaccine. Also, every single drug on the market has post marketing safety studies performed. This is normal.
  5. Adding to a 12 year Necro post,.. But, if you ever need to compare needles. This is the site to do it. https://kyajet.de/?lang=en
  6. The case halves have sealant between them. They didn't seal part of the case for some reason leading to an air leak. Then went chasing their tail with jetting due to said air leak. This post is 10 years old. If you have a problem, make a new thread.
  7. Swap the spark plug leads, If the miss follows the wire, Cut the wire back and retest. Use DMM to check continuity of the boot. Replace Boot if no continuity. Clean the carbs. A plugged jet can cause issues Sync the carbs at idle using the idle screws. Then back the throttle adjuster out until the rpm raises and sync the carbs using the adjuster on the top of the carbs. Return throttle adjuster at throttle to just a bit of free play. Check for leaks around reeds/intake with some carb cleaner, if idle changes, possible leak. Reseal intake. Check for broken reeds. Adjust air screws for idle. Verify exhaust not plugged with a mouse nest, acorns, ect. Check compression. If below 100 rebuild.
  8. davemooreracing@gmail.com
  9. Ask Dave Moore. He seems to like TM carbs,
  10. Mass produced mild steel frame.
  11. If old plugs, then who knows. Pretty easy to take the head off and check what domes are in there. SHOULD be scribed in the edge of the dome.
  12. BHQ is now BidenHQ

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