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  1. If it's the hole on the cases, yes, it's legit
  2. Most active thread on the website!
  3. Well, that event was as lame as we all predicted!
  4. Prolly do a hone. You never want to bore unless you have to, you gain zero HP from doing so and ruin longevity of the motor.
  5. never understood it. main jet only jetting ftw
  6. I ran straight 110, I sold it to a buddy who ran 110/91+. I had a K&T drag port, shearer SB, 35PWK, 17cc domes , and other stuff. It ran flawlessly always. I only main jet jetted too.
  7. I had nearly this same build for years. I always ran c12
  8. Serious question.. who TF would ever move to Oklahoma? Do they even have trees or safe fresh water there?
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