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  1. I did talk to Kim at K&T and I am running the correct size needle valve, 1.8 if I remember correctly. I also did some further investigating and while my needle jet is drilled to .116, my mains are actually .102, which seems very small. I dropped that needle all the way down to the leanest position and installed a 40 pilot, but it still revs like it is too rich. And that is with the leanest needle made for my carbs. Maybe I need to drill out a new needle jet a little smaller? At wide open throttle it runs well with the power jets only 1.5 turns off of seat. Not sure why this motor does not need much fuel. My plugs are gapped at .18. I did not ohm out my stator but the coil primary was .4, the secondary was 6200 and the caps were about 5000.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I checked my ignition and everything seems to be within spec. It is also worth mentioning that my bike in equipped with a fuel pump and billet bowls. At K&T advice, I did change my fuel valve to a 1.8 but could the pump still be causing a rich condition? Should I set my floats a little leaner, perhaps 20mm?
  3. I recently purchased a bike with 38mm Mikuni's bored out to 41mm. It run but not very well. Slight bog off the line and breaks up a little on the top end. Seem very rich blowing raw methanol out the pipes. Can anyone please give me some advice on the jetting/needle for these carbs for the following conditions: Sea level, 200 psi compression, plus 8 timing, 7mil, drag ported cub. I think it currently has 55 pilot and mains drilled out to .116, not sure on the needle I have trouble clearing it out at the line so the needle may be too rich. Also, I was running it with the power jets screwed in 1.5 turns from wide open. Thanks for the advice!!
  4. I just purchases a banshee with a plus 12 swing arm but there isn't a chain guide or bracket. Are there any options out there to mount a chain guide on a round tube swing are that does not have a guide bracket. I looked all over the internet but my search was fruitless. Thanks!
  5. I have a 2 piece wicked intake that has several leaks where the intake splits in half. I have tired to grease the large o-ring and even put yamabond on the o-ring and mating surface with no luck. Should I just replace the o-ring even though it looks fine? If so where can I purchase a new o-ring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I also forgot to mention that I leaned up the float height to 19mm just to get the bike to idle decent without loading up and stalling out.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. How much will having my slides cut to a #6 affect the needle and main jetting? Also, do you think there is any good reason for this extremely rich condition? Could the port work be that efficient?
  8. Having trouble dialing in my 35mm air strikers at idle. My bike is ported, open air filter and cpi inframes with stock ignition. Carbs are jetted with 35 pilots 2.5 turns out and 152 mains. I am at sea level and the bike still has the tendency to load up at idle. Bike runs fine on the big end but no luck at idle and pilot jets smaller than 35 are not offered to the best of my knowledge. Any suggestions are insite on this matter will be greatly apprecitated.
  9. Are there any places left in Louisiana to ride and race fast banshee's



      Good luck, I just logged in here for the first time in a long time just to get some fair prices to part my banshee out. where are you, here in the bayou state?

    2. tfaith08


      Go look up Gulf Coast OHV Network on facebook. There are a few rides from time to time down that way.

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