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  1. Cleaning out the garage for New Year. Set of pipes with silencers $130 Rear Hub $30 Air Box $65 Carbs with TORS $60 Front Shocks $50 Cylinders (Good for one last bore) $60 Shipping included. Parts located in SE Michigan.
  2. Cleaning out the garage have some Banshee parts for sale. Stock cylinders - Need boring. I believe they are 0.080 over and have one bore left. $100 Stock Carbs with Tors and cable - $60 Parts located in SE Michigan. Prices plus shipping.
  3. 1. Stock full exhaust system $145 shipped. 2. Stock carbs with tors and cable $100 shipped. Parts located in SE Michigan. Email tm85478@gmail.com with questions.
  4. If possible I'd like to pick up those cylinders. I'm a feely meely type of person. But if not I'll have to find someone with PayPal. If you're OK with me picking them up, call me and we'll work it out. 

    810-412-4545 Ask for John. Late afternoon or 'till about 9:30pm

  5. I want to move the carbs. $125 shipped.
  6. I have been out of town for work. Parts still available.
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