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  1. Haha. So you think boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Fucking LOL. I guess you don't really follow the science.
  2. Claude, if this shit works, why does Canada have the highest possible travel risk category? 907,000 new cases in January. #science??
  3. I bet if you ask Claude how many genders there are he won't be able to answer you.
  4. What exactly did I mix up? You did what your government told you. You applaud the oppression of people that don't agree with the government. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
  5. Can you imagine being a beta like Claude while thousands of bad ass truckers make a stand against government overreach? I wonder if Claude is out there protesting those truckers in his quest for government approval. Claude: I love you government. Please control more of my life. Govt: We will Claude. Hang tight. In the meantime, please inject many foreign substances into your body while we study it’s effects on the human body. Claude: Anything you say master. [emoji207]
  6. Seems to be working for at least one democrat.
  7. No. They’re all in love with him. No more mean tweets. But the inflation is great!!
  8. Biggest trolls on BHQ. Who still thinks these guys are serious all the time?
  9. It seems to be only affecting democrats. But the plug-in needs updated. Lee working on it.
  10. Claude supports measures like this.
  11. So these morons can’t even count right but we should just do whatever they say?
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