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  1. This is about the best deal you’ll find.
  2. How much would you need to trim to accommodate tire growth? You will lose some RPM by shortening the stingers. They are that length for a reason. Why stock length? Buy a +2 arm and solve all your problems.
  3. Fox is better than both of them in my opinion. What all are you trying to do? Do you already have arms?
  4. Fuck bitches, get money.

  5. You're probably going to have to cut them off. Then buy new hubs.
  6. Why Athena? Driveline would be a lot better choice. You would be about 280 main and 27.5 pilot.
  7. I'd double check comp with another tester. It shouldn't even start with 60psi.
  8. We can't help you if you don't tell us what jets are in it now.
  9. D&M Racing https://www.facebook.com/dm.racing.9
  10. They are going to be comparable. Maybe a little more on bottom end.
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