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  1. Add some nitro to da fuel, it wont bog out no mo
  2. I'm high af, and laughed at dat really loud ^
  3. Just be happy it was available for you , after your pee pee
  4. I dont see tha problim here. Go back to grinding my welds.
  5. Standard dual feed will be plenty.
  6. Message locogato on here, hes the 421 athena expert
  7. He dunno nuttin bout dem, he about dat shaky hand plazmuh cutta lyfe
  8. Dont listen to caleb. He bought a nice bike, then ruined it.
  9. I'm assuming you did some brake work soon before this happened?
  10. The simple fact you even have to ask why , is reason enough. Smeves and I are finna to clean dis place up.
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