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  1. Everything in the motor is new so I’m pretty sure it’s the jetting. Was running just fine before I switched it over to 110..
  2. im running 110vp with 19 domes. didnt have this issue with my other bike..
  3. alright having some issues with a bike. stock cylinder 4 mil. 19cc domes, 210 psi running 110 with cpi inframes. 39 mikunis with 45 pilot and 350 mains with about a turn out on screw at 7 degrees timing. its still boggy coming out the hole opens up but then seems to die on the top. any advice would help. thanks
  4. has anyone used rms swingarms?
  5. well turns on fine now, got it jetted as follows and is real boggy to accelerate. it opens up but not hard.. 140 mains 45 pilots 2.5 turns out on 33s any suggestions please lmk. thanks
  6. does anyone know where to buy the boots for a billet intake? ordered them from fast and bolt hole to bolt hole is 60mm and mine are 70mm...
  7. Looking for oe I’m good condition shipped to texas
  8. alright will go ahead and try and get some numbers today if not tomorrow. thanks man
  9. Must’ve misread it then and was definitely thinking on going up on pilot for sure.
  10. Kinda sucks starting..definitely 32s
  11. Right now it’s centered should I move up or down?
  12. Compression is good riding at sea level about 70°
  13. just got a new bike, dont know much about motor but pretty sure it has port work..its boggy on low end, sucks gas like crazy and fouls alot of plugs... setup is port work maybe.. cool head keihein 32s, 50 pilot, 140 main, cpi pipes. please any help in the right direction would be great. thanks
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