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  1. Check compression. I bet it’s low. If it’s 110 or lower it’s time for a rebuild.
  2. Jetting is likely off. What carbs? What pipes? What jetting?
  3. It’s hard to tell from the pics. Is it cracked?
  4. That’s a pretty easy fix for someone with a grinder and welder. You have any friends?
  5. It’s hilarious. I’ve seen posts on FB , from people who have skipped the last 3-4 HQ rides, asking why there isn’t going to be one this year. I don’t even respond. Plus, jet skis are life.
  6. The Ramsey’s still making everyone mad?
  7. I have no plans for any 2023 rides. Just go when everyone else is there.
  8. Did you replace the clutch cable? They do stretch.
  9. I run Alba LT arms with Fox Float Evols and a Fox Podium rear shock. Works great.
  10. Fox Floats are pretty good shocks. If you want something with springs, check out the Elka Legacy series.
  11. Yes. Going to be really popular for a huge range of motors. I think Cam told me up to +14 with no mods.
  12. You sure? Seems weird. That's the only spot they could go. Your only other option is to seal up the exhaust with high temp RTV.
  13. With a little modification you can likely fit any stinger tubes to any pipes. There isn't that much difference in the tubes themselves.
  14. Billet is heavy. I don’t know why someone hasn’t done cast billet aluminum. Like billet, but casted. Way lighter.
  15. Too many ordeals with people. Misrepresenting for sale ads. Wouldn’t change them to accurately depict what people were getting. I gave them an opportunity to remedy it, but no changes. So I booted them.
  16. We like new people here, but you can stop pretending GRR has done anything notable in the last 10 years. I venture to say that anyone new to the sport in the last 5 years has never heard of GRR. That's a fact. So, my advice is to do something. Then post about it, because you aren't fooling anyone posting here. Or you can try the FB group, but I guarantee you will get a lot of "never heard of them" comments.
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