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  1. I am going to swap coils this week and no I haven't checked the flywheel and yes I have a clunkers manual
  2. Yes I meant that the left had a weak spark sorry about that
  3. And what will that do for it?
  4. So do you think it's the coil? And I'll just clean the tank out then
  5. So I tested for spark and on right side it's a good spark flame and on the right it's a tiny little white light you can barely see and I checked fuel line and on reserve it poured out gas and the on position just let a little out
  6. How can I also check for spark?
  7. I need to drain the tank since there is only a little left and yes I cleaned the carbs good and did them one at a time to ensure that no parts were mixed or lost and they were assembled correctly and no I have not checked for spark yet and I was wondering if it was just something as simple as on off switch or the kill switch
  8. Hey what's going on guys I just recently tried to start my quad that has sat for about 3 months and it wouldn't turn over I kicked about 25 times and nothing so I put new spark plugs in and went through the carbs and cleaned them all and still nothing. It worked perfect before it sat so what do you guys think?
  9. haha alright thanks guys maybe ill try and see if i cant convince them to do a ride or a trip there maybe head out there for presidents weekend idk but i guess ill see
  10. never been to glamis to ride before but would want to but my family always goes to gordons and just where ive always rode..mainly go there since my group has 6 rails and im the only quad so they kind of rule where we go
  11. Dont know if this has been shared on here but this is truly an amazing and inspirational story.
  12. we have some from costco the brand is qsee and we run 8 cameras but we had to run the wires thru the attic down to where the recorder or box or whatever you want to call it was and ran the cables to the tv but the downside is you cant view them other than on your tv
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