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  1. Hey guys have a trip planned for little sahara this coming week. Im jetted pretty close to spot on according to my piston wash at 75 degrees. The weather there looks to be 45-65 degrees during the day there. Im wondering how much I should jet up. I really don't wanna burn down my motor out there. Mods are 4mil long rod, HJR dune hillshoot port , ported cases, 185-190 compression/straight 110 fuel, +6 timing, vforce 4 reeds, Cpi inframes, 35 pwk carbs with pods. jetting is 155 main, 50 pilot I believe and needle is one notch up from middle position. Just bring a couple bigger mains and be good?
  2. Hey guys I’m planning a trip out the little Sahara. I have a 4mil stock cylinder, dune ported. 185 psi 35 pwks timing plate with CPI pipes. Wondering what is all needed to go out there, sense this is my first trip. What are good paddles that won’t break the bank. I live in central Wisconsin. Will I need to rejet for the elevation difference?
  3. Larry I have and it’s deffonly rich on the main. Just trying to get a starting point or as why it’s not idling very good. Now like before the pipe comes on it has a big flat spot but will pull through to the pipe. Only does it if your not Reving it hard. I’m trying to figure out if it’s s rich bog flat spot in midrange or if it’s a lean one. Which way on the middle does what. I get so confused. From the small end that goes into bottom of carb if your raise the clip you lean it out?
  4. Hey guys my brother recently bought a banshee, it’s suppose to be a 4mil stock cylinder. 155 psi both cylinders 35 pwks with pods t5 exhaust. No timing advance. We are at 1200 ft for elevation isn’t running worth shit. It has a 168 main, 48 pilot and clip on 4th groove. It idles rough and hitting harder on left side. Carbs are synced. I moved clip to middle didn’t make a real difference. Is he that rich on pilot.? I have a 4mil with cpi dune hillshoot port timing plate 190psi 35pwks vforce 4 reeds and I’m at a 155 main 50 pilot needle in the middle and it runs good.
  5. Just bought some 35 pwks, looking for a starting point on jetting. I have a 4mil stock cylinder dune hillshoot port, timing plate cut domes for straight 110 vforce 4reeds with cpi inframes. Elevation is 1200 will be riding in 70-90 degree summer temps. Had knock off 34 pwks and hjr had a 155 main 50 pilot and clip on middle I believe. Just wasn’t sure how much the jetting changes between these two carbs. Thanks
  6. Looking for a good set of 35 pwks. Got a 4mil with knock off pwks and not having much luck.
  7. Thanks for help guys I think my breather was pitched rerouted it and blew in it I could hear air inside case. I did put the old seal pack in and ripped it hard didn’t come back out. Hoping it will be fine for the ride.
  8. I’ll go check, figuring it’s building to much pressure. Seal looks good motor only has about 10hrs sense full rebuild. Do I need a new seal?
  9. Hey guys having issue with my banshee and don’t know we’re to start. Motor was redone by hjr runs amazing. Other day oil was spraying out of my front sprocket area. Got it home and found out my sproket seal popped out. Took everything off seal looks good. Put everything back to see if it would do it again. Popped back out once motor got good and hot. What is causing this.? Pressure in my case? Was hoping to ride this 4th but not looking promising. Any help would be great
  10. Thanks, I’ll have to order just need a heavy duty clutch sense I use it a lot with hillclimbs
  11. Hey guys have a question regarding clutches and springs. Recently got my motor back new whole new clutch besides plates sense mine were good builder said. Everything is in adjustment my issue is I seem to be having a lot of clutch fade, whether I’m slipping clutch or just riding hard on the black top. clutch don’t slip as of now will heavier springs take this away.? Oil is changed regularly I do have some mods but not built to them moon bike is, 40over dune ported vforce reeds with stock carbs and pods i do a lot of road running and hill climbs
  12. Toy breaker question for you when you say 2clips from bottom is that the blunt end or point end been having issues with mine with 30 pilot needle on 4th clip or second down from blunt end. Won’t run decent down low with those settings unless air screws are almost seated
  13. Ya Kevin ported the cylinders knowing I was gunna be running t5s these pilots were in when I bought the quad which was along time ago back then it just has t6 pipes and lid of airbox. As far as the needle what is the leanest the the first clip from blunt end.? Sorry I’m new to this jetting to get it really on target always just messed with the main on my race sled but banshee is deffinly little different as far as the needle and stuff. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. No I havet tried a different needle, Kevin at hjr built my motor he suggested with my set up should be running between 340 and 320s. Plugs seem to like the 340s for me I do a lot of top end riding so I’d rather be rich up top then lean. road today and ran awesome but that’s with the air screw quarter turn out from seated if I go anymore it will stumble from idling around to 8th throttle. Runs amazing up top. And right now I’m running t5s with this set up.
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