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  1. Ha you know its funny when^^ laughs out LOUD'boutit
  2. Nope port it, jet it ( per porters instruction) & go. Other than supporting pipes, bumping timing and or compression while there ( per porters instruction) youll see large gains
  3. Dont think theyre in bidnez anymoe Its aluminum, buff it. you can make it look like a mirror...if u want
  4. Nope, never been discussed https://www.bansheehq.com/forums/search/?&q=Smartcarb&search_and_or=or
  5. DDQ get his shocks back for his new Tfaith frame yet? You do Aarms for it too? - DDQ 4 prez
  6. It was, before the worst banshee scammer in history... bought it . Only buy oe for electrical. you can prob. get away with an aftermarket coil and stb does make good harness' but... oe new or used for everything else.
  7. If it runs better with choke youre not getting enough fuel. Good start with carb cleaning. Just make sure you put slides/ bowls in/on correctly . dont forget cross over tube. unfortunately, You made it worse by buying from vitos. Hopefully you get it running good before all your vitos parts fail.
  8. Might wanna ask him why Youve got something wrong or its your style intake
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