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  1. Look good. If those are 12mm tubes I'd recommend oem yfzr tie rod ends. If they are 10mm tubes I'd recommend getting 12mm😁. Get Fox or Axis shocks. If you go with Elka order them through a builder and not through Elka or a website.
  2. It should have come with one, might want to call Modquad and ask. In any event yes you should be using a paper gasket on the aftermarket stator cover. https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-BANSHEE-YFZ-350-STATOR-GASKET-SET-OF-3-AFTER-MARKET-STATOR-GASKETS/223622516091?hash=item3410f0cd7b:g:JrEAAOxy4t1Sn~UE:sc:USPSFirstClass!92129!US!-1
  3. Lol, we're definitely not going there.
  4. I don't run Klotz so that's literally all I know about it. Sounds like it works fine though. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  5. I don't like debates, I go straight to the source. Feel free to read for yourself but the cliff notes version is: BeNOL for alchol, nitro, gas or E85. R50 gasoline only. Apparently you can run it but the manufacturer says not to. http://www.klotzlube.com/atv_utv.html
  6. +1 for Vitos is junk. Don't buy anything from them, listen to whoever told you to replace the crank, and enjoy your banshee. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  7. I believe super is more common and mixes with more fuels so I'd go with that. R50 isn't supposed to be used with any ethanol blends.
  8. Yep. Klotz is a great oil and 32:1 is a tried and true ratio.
  9. Nice looking bike. I'd recommend you buy new exhaust mounts, those rigid mounts are known to crack pipes.
  10. $150 + shipping. I'd say they are 80-90% tread, fronts on billet wheels, rears on stock 4x156 wheels.
  11. I have a set of Hoosier Tires I'd sell cheap if you're interested.
  12. Sounds like fun. I too do projects just because I can so I get it. Let us know how it works out please. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  13. You better have a very expensive 3D printer. I have printed many parts for mockup on aircraft structures but the tolerances are not tight enough for engine internals. I know there are high end printers that do but those are rare. Why not just measure the crank and cylinders and figure out what you have?
  14. Those carbs are going to cause more headaches than they're worth. The PJ wasn't a great design to tune and being knock-offs makes it worse. With that said your probably going to be in the 145/45 range on jets. Type of pipes will also play into this. I'd start two sizes higher on both and work your way down.
  15. Alba will be a good choice for trails, dunes and playing on an mx track. If you want to air it out or be competitive I wouldn't run them. The shock arms are stronger than Alba. More gussets and better welds. Those yfz shocks are what are ruining the ball joints. I wouldn't run them on any new arm or you'll be back in the same spot (unless they've been shortened).
  16. So does the trip have an official date? I might be up for it.
  17. You might want to take some measurements before you go down the path of replacing the mount. I find it hard to believe the mount would tear off without the frame being bent but maybe you got lucky.
  18. Roger Allen at Wicked Motorsports in Garden Grove is your guy.
  19. +1 for suspension over everything, especially for a trail bike. Once you get that done pipes, porting and reeds would be next for me.
  20. More quite than it was when it was blown out or more quite than using other packing material?
  21. Arrows don't always line up with aftermarket clutch but yeah, definitely time to open the clutch cover and inspect. You can try and adjust further with the screw/nut in the center of the pressure plate and/or take out the plates and measure to see if they are in spec.
  22. I don't know about the best packing material. I use the cheapest they sell on Rocky Mountain ATV, I think its Lexx brand.
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