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  1. They are not missing anything, everything is in very nice shape. Please PM me an email address if you're still looking and I'll send you some pictures.
  2. Sorry my inbox was full again. Just deleted a bunch of messages so should be good now.
  3. - Low hour 72mm 7 mil Super Cub cylinder and pistons $850 - OEM cylinders Dune ported for a 4mil by HJR. 64mm bores, FAST pump gas domes, Wiesco pistons $600 - New Keihin 33mm PWK with used intake and filters $500 - Lonestar +2/+1 standard travel arms, only a couple pieces made it in the picture but I have the complete set in great shape $500 Most of the misc. parts in the first picture are for sale. Please ask if you're interested in any of that. Sent from my SM-A136U using Tapatalk
  4. Get an oem or Hot Rods crank, Wiesco pistons, and have your oem cylinders bored to match pistons.
  5. They do not make them anymore. I'm not sure when they stopped, 10 years maybe. A complete roller would be worth in the $8-10k range imo for a Laeger narrow with T-pin front end.
  6. Hey bud the system won’t allow me to send you a message for some reason.  Can you pm me

  7. I've got the complete setup but the boot isn't in great shape. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of $75 shipped for the intake or $200 with carb and cable. Might also be interested in trading for some of your parts. Please message me if you're interested.
  8. I don't think the link hangs lower than stock, if anything it looks tucked up higher. I could measure next time I have my quads out. Either way your carrier will be the limiting factor in ground clearance.
  9. 14.5". I've got a buddy selling a mint Stage 4 aluminum body LT Elka shock. Only selling because I built him a custom Podium to match his fronts. Sent from my SM-A136U using Tapatalk
  10. Have pictures of the pattern you're looking for? I have a few in the attic I could part with.
  11. You need to grind a bit off the inside of the slider to fit the arm better.
  12. I'm in San Diego and prices here run $400-600 to properly powder a frame. If you have a bunch of small stuff (i.e. hubs, spindles, springs, etc) prices will go up as it's a lot of prep work to do them right. Depending on the severity of the bend probably figure $200-300 to get that straightened. May need to find a frame shop to do it most powder places won't want to mess with straightening a frame unless it's very minor. Sent from my SM-A136U using Tapatalk
  13. Looks like someone put a longer shaft in that shock. Who rebuilt the shock?
  14. OEM or Hot Rods. I would order from a reputable business like FAST or West Coast ATV and have them weld the pins. I wouldn't buy anything from Vitos. It is all cheap Chinese junk and the owner is very shady. Sent from my SM-A136U using Tapatalk
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