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  1. Won it for $5 on auction. Has bare positive/negative wires, whats the best way to install this? Solder?
  2. 421 cheetah w timing run on race gas. Use the br8es?
  3. Have an OEM Banshee Clutch cable on order. Should I lube it prior to install?
  4. Anyone else waiting? I ordered Aug 8th. Didn't receive anything, emailed and was told maybe end of month. Nothing ever came, emailed again last week and I'm told maybe in 2 weeks.
  5. Crap. I bought front and rears from Vitos and now I'm thinking maybe I should of gotten better. I haven't used them yet, just bolted up without brake fluid. What are the premium brakes to buy for a banshee?
  6. Sorry, not an x-ring. It's a gold EK o-ring 520 chain. Very stiff. Brand new.
  7. What chain are you guys running? I have a brand new gold x-ring 520 chain, but damn it's stiff. So much so that it's a decent amount of resistance when I spin the axle. Not sure if I should go with this or get something a little looser?
  8. I actually sent the Stator to John Long so he could float it. He gave me the wrong address and the package was not deliverable. Last Monday it was returned to sender and I still don't have it. Priority mail tracking does not update in the return to sender process. $500 Stator sent to wrong address, I'm just hoping I get it back.
  9. Any reviews of these? Considering getting 2 for my banshee. Not sure if I'd want the Spots, Floods or SAE driving.
  10. Got it. Thanks. Do you feel the Fox Float evol fronts are superior to the Elka stage 4 fronts?
  11. Thanks. Do I want the linkage and shock, or just the shock?
  12. It's the "Elka Long Travel" rear shock correct? I'm having trouble finding that specific shock when I Google it.
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