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  1. Right on! Yeah, I’d only rent a trailer if at least 3 other people went in on it with me, otherwise I too would crash on the backseat of my truck.
  2. Let’s do it! As of now I’m good to go. I’d like to try and rent a trailer like a Luv 2 Camp. I can haul two Banshees in the bed of my truck and haul ass. Google maps says 12hrs and 816mi.
  3. I’ve done all of my business with Larry from Fireball. I have their older gull wing style LT a-arms w/rebuildable ball joints. Setting up your camber and more importantly caster is kind of a pain in the ass, but doable with a $30 digital angle finder from harbor freight. Out of the box I had 10* of caster. Great for high speed stability, but absolute shit to turn the bike. I dialed in caster to 6* and now I can turn the bike on a dime. Another awesome aspect is they can set you up with tie rods that use the heavier duty Raptor 700 tie rod ends. The tie rod thread is a M10 rather than the Banshee M8. 19.25” is the length eye to eye. BVC Racing hooked me up with custom valved Elka Stage 5’s. Do I need Stage 5’s, hell no, but at the time they were the only Elka’s offered with the plastic spring guards. Anyway, $1,500 shipped from BVC Racing. MSRP is $1,800. I also have their +2+1 chromoly steering stem. And a +2 gusseted swing arm. All very top notch! FYI, Fireball makes a ton of suspension components for many different brands... https://app.photobucket.com/u/strm_trpr/p/9c31bbd9-86ae-49a8-9636-37ad570b8b75
  4. Nice! Life keeps getting in the way for the 12hr 820mi one way trek, but May of 2021 sounds like a plan! Summer of 2019 a childhood friend and longtime riding buddy was murdered. He was a CO at a prison and someone on the inside put a hit out on him! Fuckin tragic man! Anyway, let’s make this happen!
  5. Excellent! Yeah, I also wanted plenty of time to do a complete restore of my blue 2002 for this trip, install an LED Light Bar and finally install the Redline Serval Cameron built for me.
  6. I’m thinking mid to late May? ***Update*** The local St Anthony dune riders on FB stated that in late April/early May weather can be beautiful one day and scattered showers the next. I’ll check with my crew and see what works for everyone. And post up a date!
  7. Thanks for the tips. I’ll be bringing 20 mixed gallons and there’s more in Rexburg if needed.
  8. I have a Clarke 5.5 gallon tank. We will also have a SxS in our group. He’ll be the fuel mule. My buddy that lives in Payette, ID just got a new job and he won’t have enough vacation time saved up by the end of Sept, so we’re postponing the trip until next spring.
  9. Gonna have to postpone this trip until spring.
  10. Do it! It would be cool to meet you and ride!
  11. Do it! My drive is 814 mi and 12hrs 24mins. Leaving around 9pm PST Friday night the 20th. Hope to round up a few more Banshee HQ riders. There’s also a FB page you can join if you’d like, PM me for details. The dunes look amazing! Time Machine on here is local and has given me many tips. I hope you can make it Gusto!
  12. Making the trek to Idaho to visit friends and go ride St Anthony's. It would be cool to meet up with some fellow Banshee Duners and go throw some sand.
  13. Yo Homie, I tried PMing you just now, but it says you can not receive messages.
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