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I have $4,000 to use on suspension and a arms.


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My stock rear would lock up, not much more stopping power can be added. The rear might offer 25% stopping power, fronts is where the stopping power comes from.

I agree with you on this to a degree.


I definitely use my front brakes far more then the rear, especially on technical maneuvers like setting up bike position while entering a high speed corner.


However, the difference in effort to apply the brake is very noticeable and reduces rider fatigue when riding at an aggressive pace. No different then improved front brakes.

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Pics and info on that fj1200 setup



As requested.


My rear axle is an LT500 made by TEAM. Rear brake rotor and sprockets are LT500 pattern bolted to oem LT500 sprocket and brake hubs. My axle hubs are Yamaha bolt pattern by TEAM as well.


I purchased the caliper through my local Yamaha shop. Its off of a Yamaha FJ1200 street bike. I purchased the axle, hubs, rotor, sprockets and custom brake stay through Duncan Racing.


The brake stay was sourced through Duncan's affiliate, ATV World in Europe. These are replica parts to the last PDV Laegers Banshee that Duncan/ATV World raced in about 2007.


I purchased two rotors and two brake stays so that I had spares in case of damage and availability with custom parts. I'm not sure if my brake rotor matches oem LT500 on the O.D. or not. It for sure is LT500 bolt pattern.


Rear end is built like a truck and stops like it has air brakes.

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I have the fireball front and roll design -1 swinger with elka stage 3's on my 421 serval. It's a great set up, I don't find myself fighting the front end but people have different styles and preferences. Mine puts down mid 80's though, with a power curve like that and proper gearing the front end should still be managed fine with 100ish hp.


I have a JD and Motowoz LT front on my 250R and they're very nice a arms. I like the MGC style more than the fireball and rolldesign a arm style.

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Is your fireball front end a +2+1?

Reason I'm asking is because that's what I'm looking to get, but I want to know about the +3's. I don't know if that will put me too wide.

How wide do you want to be?


What offset of front wheels do you plan to run?


What size front tires?

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