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I have $4,000 to use on suspension and a arms.


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Tusk makes a wider rear hub.




These are 2012 YFZ450R Rear Hubs that are wider than Banshee Rear Hubs and they fit.




After I swap my RPM Dominator Axle over to my 02 I'll look into possibly widening the rear further with YFZ450R hubs.

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How heavy are you and what type of riding do you do?

You're talkin 10mil Super Serval.

That's a shit ton of power.

You say this is a rolling chassis in the corner of your barn.

Do you have all of the supporting mods for a 10mil SS build?


This is what a 10mil SS is capable of throwing down.



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I'm usually at 225-230, but I'm down now at 210. By the time its all together ill be back up where I usually am. Yeah I seen the graph on redlines site, mine will be on 110 race fuel also. I do all around riding, that's why I'm going with the serval. Fast open tracks, fields, back roads, some occasional sand and trails. What type of supporting mods you talking about 

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Oh, you know, the usual maintenance items under the clutch cover.

K&N's w/Outerwears

Keihin 39mm PWK's w/RB Design's Carb Mods and Divider Plates

Chariot individual Billet Intakes

V-Force 4 Reed Cages

Redline 10mil Serval Cylinder w/Cameron's Midas Touch Porting

Cameron's Pistons of choice

Crank Works Billet Crank with 3 max loads and TZ on PTO side w/straight cut gears

Mattoon Head w/Race gas domes

Sniper Pipes

Billet Clutch Basket w/straight cuts

Redline Clutch w/Direct Drive Lock-up

all new shifting system parts

pro-mod transmission yada, yada, yada...

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Damn, I want your bank roll....


With great power comes great responsibility.


Spare no expense on suspension.


All of my builds, whether it's Banshee's, cars or trucks have their suspensions and brakes handled first before power upgrades.


No sense in having 100+whp to the ground if the chassis isn't set-up.


I gave you my suggestions for chassis mods.

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