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  1. Battery/rectifier V-2.0 sweet ass set up and a 200 watt stator. To purchase the battery/rectifier visit: http://www.jlengineering.org/dc-.html if you want the entire kit like I have here: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Banshee-DC-Conversion-Kit-With-Stator-Included-by-JL-Engineering-/162378972479?hash=item25ce8a7d3f%3Ag%3AAS0AAOSwLEtYkWmZ&_trkparms=pageci%3Ad3b13f71-5aad-11e7-a6a1-74dbd180e457%7Cparentrq%3Ae6161f4f15c0aa47f106102bfffb507f%7Ciid%3A2
  2. Keep your eyes peeled in the for sale section. Other than that they aren't made anymore.
  3. The clutch perch and the fresh cable installed.
  4. Sure is, I love how it snaps into place every time you turn it. I wanted one with a better cover to cover the clutch cable where it feeds down into its housing and on top of that the pivot point rides on a bearing for a smoother consist pull. Can't beat it for how cheap it is. I'll be buying an extra level just in case anything happens I have a back up right away since these don't fold like the ASV I replaced.
  5. Upon further inspection when I was throwing it in the box to ship it back to them I noticed a fine darker spot on the axle where you could tell it had been cracked for some time so it was just a matter of time..but it finally went when I landed short on a double.
  6. Nah it was a pretty easy deal, I send them my broken one and they confirm that it wasn't altered or the splines had an damage and they send a new one that you register again for the lifetime warranty. It just took them forever bc they didn't know who they had to send the new one to until they decided to e-mail me ha.
  7. A little late but their warranty works
  8. You would think huh. I exchanged a few messages with them about how sloppy it feels of which you don't notice it when riding but it's definitely not as smooth as it should or could be. Which is why I was telling you, you might be better off with a stock throttle and an aftermarket lever.
  9. Last I herd he's still a one man show..so uh retire is his only option haha.
  10. Decided to try out this clutch perch I've herd good things about them and I figured I could put on a new line while I'm at it.
  11. No not that type as that's adjusted by the throttle cable tension. I guess you can call it wobble. I can grab the throttle lever and wobble it around left, right, forward, backwards and side to side haha.
  12. They're easier than a thumb throttle how is that manly taha?
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