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I have $4,000 to use on suspension and a arms.


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I like the increased height cause I stand a lot.

I probably should've went with +1+1, but I've ridden her two weekends now and I'm loving it.

The +1 forward helps me stand in an attack stance leaning forward on the bike.

And my foot pegs are back 2 and down 1 to enhance the attack stance.


Since I've changed the ergonomics sooo much from stock on my bike, riding my buddy's Dune ported 89 with stock stem/bars and pegs flat out sucks.

I ride like a full blown amateur on an unfamiliar bike.

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I thought -1 or -2 swinger was the hot setup for mx

It is. But with some power it just become a hassle to ride.

With my stock length swim arm and 4 mil the line of fun and hassle are so close. The front end lifting ALL THE TIME can get annoying some times in the trails.

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Taller people want taller stem.


Get some LT +2+1 a-arms, stock or maybe +2 round house carrier swingarm. +2/+4 axle, steering damper, then good shocks setup for your quad.

No doubt. I'll make it happen over this winter. I have the 10 mil SS in process now, so I'll prepare everything before its delivered. Once it is, I'll drop it in and it's a wrap. I have a +4 swinger now, might consider the +2 though. I can make a better decision once I've ridin +4 with the new engine.

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