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    2005 Black SE, Laegers Pro-trax chassis, plus 2" arms, stock length swing arm, Elka Elites, Duncan 403 Eliminator motor AC front bumper, rear grab bar, mx pro series nerf bars, skid plate, custom made belly pan YFZ front calipers, Laegers wave rotors Duncan YFZ billet front hubs FJ1200 rear caliper, ATV World rear rotor LT 500 TEAM axle & hubs LT 500 carrier, sprocket and brake hub LT 500 rear sprocket

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  1. You're missing a clamp on your right side airbox boot to the back of the carb....
  2. These wins were on Duncan built motors running twin carbs and twin PT pipes. The motor builds varied some based upon the type of racing event.
  3. Bummer on your tie rods.... I'm assuming those were oem?
  4. He has several very valid reasons to be discouraged with these money pits that we play with, but I have no business expressing those reasons on here.
  5. Eh... He and I talk regularly. He's a little discouraged lately, and for several good reasons. I don't think he's totally out though.
  6. ride.race.live speaks truth Proper suspension setup and investment is key to making a Banshee rideable if you have any sort of desire to ride aggressively
  7. Gotcha. I haven't looked in a awhile. I have the AC units that are similar to these except with the solid heals guards, no nets, not the old school little heal guards, but the newer full size with the same shape and height as yours.
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