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  1. well what.. you dont live off of tuna sammiches or burgs anymore?
  2. 10/10 would drink with them anytime of the week tho. bud with claude and tuna sammiches and vodka shots with ddq
  3. well then happy bday! 1 year older... and clearly not 1 year wiser still hanging out in this place haha.
  4. Yeah Claude I saw the videos everything seemed spot on except when he mentioned the plug tolerances being 5-10k. didnt make sense to me. Ill try adding a ground from the motor to the frame and see how that goes as well! Seansy when i took out the VF3 reeds and re installed the stock reeds i inspected the bottom end and there was no abnormal amount of fuel down there. (so ive tested 2 separate reed cages) i can double check the wire harness but it is a brand new harness for South Texas Banshee.
  5. wut you talkin aboot willis... my old 10mil is with Canadianshee lol. im working on a locals banshee... bought a 1987 in 100000 pieces.... bought a motor from a sponsor as the one he had was beyond fucked. now dealing with a miss fire lol
  6. thanks for checking!!!! and good call on the tags haha. So from the looks of things a coil is not the issue on this bike.... UGH... back to the drawing board. guess next thing to try is swapping flywheel at this point.
  7. yeah i got the clymers. it already shows wrong info on how to check a coil. the info i got so far was from blowit on here when doing a search on how to test coil (he's the one that mentioned when testing secondary with caps it would test higher) but i can not find for the life of me what the actual tolerance is for just the boots. I always though it was 5K or under... then i read some places its 5K+ within reason. so now im back to being as clueless as skeeter when he was 21. (didnt think i could hit rock bottom that hard )
  8. With the boots on it will range from 15ishK ohm. without boots its 4.7-7.1k without boots its reading 6.5k so thats fine. and primary is bouncing from 3-4 which is within spec im just not sure if the boots should read at or just below the 5k or at and just above 5k.
  9. Ok can someone confirm this one... When testing a plug boot.... should it OHM UNDER 5k or above 5K within a tolerance..... did some digging and mixed views on that matter. right now i got one boot at 4.56 and another at 6.87
  10. I have og reeds next thing going on. Yeah i should of just done carbs 1st but they were due. Pipes are clesr re insected them Didnt try orher carbs yet no. Single filter but im testing it with no air box just straight carbs
  11. soo little update... i did leak down test again passed. i switched reeds sides rebuilt carbs The issue seemed to have followed the reed to some extent.... now Mag side is miss firing a bit (not as bad as pto side) but it is... so i guess only thing to blame for that is the reeds which i can't wrap my head around considering it has brand new pedals and when i took them out they looked spotless. also another thing to note... PTO side is still smoking like a siv and spitting fuel. but atleast its getting up to temp unlike mag side now. what could be wrong with the reeds?
  12. Thanks! i just got the carb rebuild kit in so ill be doing that set up. im hoping its just a fubar float needle that isnt sealing 100% (enough to seal when not running but when motor running floods out the motor) long reach but hoping its that simple lol Otherwise ill prob take out reeds inspect and swap them sides to see if issue follows reeds. I also got a buddy that can loan me spare carbs so i can rule out the carb. i triple checked the reeds when i put them together as the reeds where out of a blown motor and were a little messy with shavings I had to clean them a good few times to get them spotless.
  13. Brand new pilots from RMATV. even double checked them. carbs been gone through 3 times lol. going to be a 4th time once rebuild kit on the way so i can change dump tube and float needle.
  14. tried that it just dies out or bogs down pulling the choke while its running. I'll double check the bowls but highly unlikely as i usually only remove 1 at a time.
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