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    Blue 99, PT mids, VF2, +4 timing, K&N, and 2 into 1 35mm carb.+2+1 Lonestar a arms, Basically a POS, but I like it and it's slow.Drag Shee: Some junk I throw together in my garage, and "Yeah it's slow."

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  1. 375hp banshees has to be windycityjohn.

    1. ClaudeMachining


      I think you nailed it!!!

    2. locogato11283


      Nah. Different dude.

    3. #1JUANstunna


      @locogato11283 he blows off as much as him doe!


  2. Jet sizes in these carbs aren't the same. Each brand has its own numbering for the size.
  3. My guess is the plunger in the master cylinder is sticking at times and not letting the pressure release back into the M/C res.
  4. Duh! For the life of me I couldn't think of it
  5. I can't remember Justin's screen name. That's a question for DDQ.
  6. You get what you pay for! I don't understand why this keeps popping up. Someone needs to gather up a bunch of these ebay shock failure pics and start a thread.
  7. And you like it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 15/41 on a -1 swinger for the dunes, trails, or where ever else I decide to ride the shitpile. Live life on the edge you don't need a long swinger.
  9. Stop sending me nudes n20toofast4u!

  10. DDQ is a weirdo............ and likes men
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