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  1. Want me come up and fill her full of kids steve?
  2. Sheerider1026 gary has almost completed his sex change. He left Kentucky for n.y. sells his ass at 42nd and Broadway
  3. Still talk to andy at g.r.r. sometimes. He opened a gym.
  4. Dirtydownunder is on fb. So is tithead. Bigboybanshee also. Glad to hear you are sober marine. Lost touch with alotta guys. Just ride a harley now.
  5. No nobody cares anymore
  6. Get a polished aluminum set anodized.
  7. Wow this thread is older than my kids
  8. Whats wrong with mullets?
  9. You have to get a member on here and fb to sponsor you first.i nominate skeeter.
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