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  1. The fuck did you do? You sure it’s HQ? I haven’t been locked out at all. Browser up to date?
  2. It will be a good running motor. I have a 4mm Chubby from Redline. It's a drag motor but still very reliable and cheap to rebuild. I'd never build a 10mm for a trail motor.
  3. Keihin 39PWK bored to 40mm by Redline Racing. These are GAS carbs. Billet bowls. Carbs are complete with slides, springs, needles and new adjusters. The adjusters are the long ones and may require trimming on the bottom side depending on your cable/setup. Excellent condition. $$550 includes fees and shipping
  4. Not sure yet. Their parts look nice. I think they are going to end up running some advertising.
  5. I really think you're going to have to adjust this to your riding style/terrain. I've always dialed all my shocks in during the rides.
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