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  1. FMF and T-5 will perform very similar. I wouldn't advise swapping one for the other and expecting a noticeable difference. Put the money into suspension.
  2. JD's wife came one time. He's never been back since. Go figure.
  3. OEM or some base model Elka. Or Fox Floats.
  4. I think I'd swap pads and try again. I have never heard of anyone having brake fluid boil over.
  5. Gee, who would've thunk it.
  6. Possibly Blingstar. They made some bumpers shaped like that design.
  7. Yea, I don't know what I am going to do now. I don't really want a DDHC.. I don't need something that big since we already have the SRT DD. Maybe wait a year or so and see what happens with used TH. Sucks. I was all in on buying a new body style TH but it looks like that shit is dead in the water.
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