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  1. There are too many unprecedented things going on that point directly to fraud. There are election fraud audits going on in several states. Anyone who speaks out about fraud is banned from liberal run social media platforms. Conservative run news outlets that publish articles about it are black listed. The stories dropped from search engines. It's not a coincidence. Everything that's going on has everything to do with it.
  2. I haven't seen a peep out of the couple Biden supporters I know on FB. Fucking crickets. Unfortunately, a lot of them don't care. They don't have jobs or have to worry about driving, fuel prices, etc.. And I'm sure a lot don't pay for housing or groceries either, so fuck that too.
  3. Just got the 22” Hellcat reps for the new Durango.
  4. FAST is a good sponsor. I have before and wouldn’t not hesitate to run Jeff’s products.
  5. From my house, about 3.5 hours. From the condo.
  6. Haha. That’s the builder’s. They’re going to move dirt around inside that garage box with it once they start filling up. It’s also junk, so burying it would be fine too.
  7. MN = worst state ever
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