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    Welding, fabricating, Banshees, motorcycles, Jeeps, my dog, my woman, good beer and good food.

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    Bored .040 over; stock stroke K&N pods Pro Design Coolhead - 22cc domes Keihin 28PWK's Toomey T5's Works Triples Maier plastics Boyesen pro series cf reeds BANANA JUICE 32:1 small goodies here and there

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  1. Just like title says. Complete frame. Needs a good cleaning. Was a running, riding bike. No title or reg. Located in central/ south Jersey. $100
  2. $200 aint a bad deal just to get something quick (or in my case, i would just buy it to have it)... but .40 is overrated and snappy. You can get the same stopping power using the correct 9mm round. Are you looking for a single stack or a double stack? Does round count matter to you? Can you comfortably conceal a double stack? There is much to consider when making a purchase to ccw. Shoot a few different guns before just jumping into it because its cheap
  3. The riding in PA is 100% tits. I love riding out there. Not all of the hills require paddles but if you want to rip the big shit, paddles are a must or youll never make it. Ive ridden out there with knobbies. If youre pulling an enclosed trailer, there is a hotel not too far away (few miles). I think its on 206 maybe? Make sure you bring plenty of water, clothing, and rags. It is the dirtiest riding ive ever done.
  4. Rob, i think you wanted the red renthals? no biggie. swing by whenever your down here or ill bring them with me for a ride.
  5. You received a reply....and multiple text messages. you asked for a picture. got one. said "it has rash" and then texted me about parts you didnt buy from me, at MIDNIGHT!
  6. I responded to any PM i got. Even the text messages i received at PRECISELY 11:54 PM! on Tuesday 6/14/16.....(because you know, people arent sleeping at midnight...) For some reason, i dont get any notifications anymore when the thread has a reply. Im not sure why. However, i will contact anyone who has respnded or "hasn't heard back"
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