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  1. Its not a gun problem.. its a decline of society problem. Endoctrination of the far left on the youth.. pretty fuckin simple
  2. Niche.... Amazon day have da cool link colors
  3. Is the swing arm oem or some thing off brand? Aka vitos? Id put the top shock bolt in first, let the swing arm drop then use a punch on the linkage to help coax the lower bolt in. It is possible that rear shock was altered with shims to give it a longer eye to eye length
  4. You sure the swing arm is movine freely and dropping dow fully?
  5. Jeff is sending new ones
  6. Here is the other pod Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
  7. These are fast brand pods took em off to clean , i have never been a fan of k&n filters as they can dust motors. Might have to try and find uni pods Sent from my moto g play (2021) using Tapatalk
  8. Oem gasket put on dry. If its o rings for an after market head, use some grease to help hold the orings in place when installing head
  9. Took it out to clean the tank out. Had cali sand in it from previous owner. Dropped it and snapped the end off for the on pick up
  10. Dropped my petcock and broke it, is it worth spending the extra coin on a pingle for a 70hp motor with stock carbs
  11. No. If some one thinks that they are supposed to be the other gender than they were born is fucked in the head
  12. They are disgusting freaks who are mently unstable. Those people and any one who supports them and teaches their ideas need to be kicked over a bank and left to rot
  13. What in the fucking fuck
  14. Liberals are fucking hypocrits.
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