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  1. Clogged with debri or junk oil? If debri pull the tank, take petcock off and clean the thing out
  2. If special was a mod we wouldnt have this spam.... ..... ....
  3. You can stud weld a stud onto the dent. Then use a slide hammer to bring it out. Grind flat rechrome.. problem is once you start fucking with it , it will be hard to get perfect
  4. Why would you put all this time and effort into building a stock frame one off chassis?
  5. Loctight also makes a thread repair epoxy, ive used it and it does work. Just some options before you buy new
  6. Try a longer screw, run a tap in to clean the hole up. Just use lots of oil and go slow, aluminum will plug and bind the tap if you go to fast
  7. https://www.tmdesignworks.com/p-5300-atv-slide-n-guide-kit-brstock-aftermarket-swingarms-brpn-ycp-ban.aspx
  8. Thats your swingarm pivot bolt. You need to take you whole swingarm off to change your roller. Then put on a tmdesign work chain slider
  9. So had a dumb moment. Went out this morning to swap jets and reclean carbs. Every thing was spotless or so i thought. The pilot jet in the side i was having issues, had a wad of fuz in it from the new petcock i put in. Put all back together and ran as it should... Good news is i was right about the needles and draft tubes being wore. As now it needs the 30 pilots in it, currently at half turn out, still kinda fat on the bottom
  10. Yes ran fat with 27.5 pilots before. But when i bought the machine it had ingested alot of sand. With the motor work i have it should need a 30 pilot, so i assumed the needle and draft tubes were wore bigger due to dirt. So i replaced all that with oem new. It acts like its running lean now at an idle, yes carbs are synced and the choke cross over is connected.
  11. So had my jetting dialed in most the way last year, just ran fat on the bottom even with 27.5 pilots. I assumed the needles and draft tubes were wore causing a rich condition. So i just replaced the slide needles and draft tubes with new oem, put 30 pilots back in. Air screw 2 turns out. Stopped and got 100ll today filled it up and wtf. Idles on th pto side only unless i choke it some, the the mag side will kick in for a bit. Took mag cab off, went through it again and same issue. Compression is at 125psi mag and 123 pto. My only thought left is to swap carb parts to see if the problem follows. Just seems odd as the only thing new is fuel, pilot jets and needles + draft tubes.
  12. Id go meier before vitos
  13. Those are off brand chinese carbs. Your better off buying a set of used oem carbs if your trying to save money
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