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  1. Were the coils complete with wires & boots? & thats grounded good to frame b/y or b/w wire on cdi, isnt shorted to ground? What do you have on r/b on cdi?
  2. iirc one of these bosses, has a flat vertical guide pressed in it, that sticks inside the slide bore. that rides in the slide slot, to keep it from spinning. Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
  3. Should be a guide to keep it from spinning. Is it in correct direction ? Which way is cut out facing. Idle screw?
  4. "from a cut line underneath that goes to the atmosphere" Over flow line? Sounds like one carb is flooding and one is not getting fuel. I'd id go through the carbs again. make sure slides arent sticking, fuel fills both carbs & fuel shuts off, when floats rise it spec hight & go from there.
  5. Exhaust clamp https://farmandsandtoys.com/ocart2/exhaust-clamps-billet.html https://redo-parts.com/?s=Exhaust+clamps&post_type=product https://farmandsandtoys.com/ocart2/categories/exhaust-accessories/exhaust-rubber.html
  6. If your vent(s) arent plugged & youre sure its trans & not carb drip. get a gasket & oring . If you want to plan ahead get seal & wp stuff jic & investigate Motor wasn't even that hot or... that hot out
  7. Some people said a certain aftermarket brand, was making the pads to thick & werent able to use them also...
  8. If it'll run on spray, i'd look at why you're not getting fuel to cyl's next. And yes always do a leakdown test after topend.
  9. oem/ genuine: cdi, cylinders, carbs? carb bowls on correct carb, crossover tube on, slides in correct, rats nest in pipes, pick up gap, good ground...,...
  10. Tell us what it was... So skeeter doesnt do it. Thats what this site is for. There's no sense in making a post, if you don't reveal the answers to your questions,for the next guy/Ky'ean.
  11. Pretty sure just parts. he's in heavy with side car racing... last i talked to him
  12. Yes, piston pushes on 1 pad, then draws caliper over ( on slide pins) so other pad pinches other side. Ya know just like cars &... trucks.
  13. Slide pins are frozen or caliper piston is froze?
  14. Call Jose 407-952-7207@ atv mainac service & performance & see if he will do what you need, if not he'll know who will.
  15. Check compression, spark & did you do a leak down? Lights are on a separate winding than the ignition
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