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Found 15 results

  1. Looking to put together a new top end for my bike to hold me out while I piece together my ground-up 4 mil. I currently have a set of big bore drag ported jugs with stock carbs, and T5’s. I’m interested in sending some stock jugs to redline and getting their playport package along with a set of SLP pipes which I will reuse for the 4 mil. Being that I cannot find a good set of virgin cylinders locally, where can I find a genuine set online for a good price? I know a lot of the “genuine top end replacement cylinders” on eBay are Chinese copies and not as good quality so I need help finding which ones are worth using.
  2. i need help rebuilding my banshee i think i just need to rebuild the top end but im not sure how to tell if the crank needs replacing also one exuast was smoking more than the other when it was running let me know thanks also had some old cylinders that i barely used was wondering if i could make them good again
  3. This Motor is brand new with the exception of break in and dyno. It pulled 109 hp. It was built by Cascade for a personal drag motor. After build was complete the class was opened to 421cc. It was traded for side work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the motor, I am just building a 10 mil *NOT PARTING OUT* This package includes: Override Transmission 2-5 N Down 375 4 Mil Crank Trued and Welded With TZ 500 Mikuni T38 Alcohol Carbs 350 VF2 Reeds 175 Billet Intakes 150 66 Bore Monoblock Cub Cylinders 1200 Pistons 0 Pro Design Cool Head 240 Domes 0 All Hardware Included: Nuts, Studs, Wrist Pin Bearings ETC 0 Total 2990 Asking 2500 This motor Is currently completely assembled and will stay that way until items are purchased. When funds have cleared, I can provided detailed bill of sale immediately via Email. Please allow 72 hours to ship. I work long days and far from home. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Located In SW Washington State. I have many pictures but am unable to upload do to size. Message me with contact info and I can send them. I am asking a fair price for a new built, ported and tuned package. All you do is put it together and send it. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, deciding weather or not to bore out current cylinders as they are scored up from an accident, or just by new. My question is are all the cylinder kits available on amazon, Ebay, etc.. They all seem to just be the Niche Cylinders with various piston kits and gasket kits that determine how much they sell for. I can find what looks to be the same (niche) cylinder +piston kits from 200-500 depending on if it comes with weisco products or some cheap crap. So i saw a couple older threads on this but nothing that really helped. Anyone have experience with any kit sold by ebay, amazon, 50 cal racing, etc. Its 120 for me to bore to next size prob, 64.5 or 65. Are these cylinders worth they 200 bucks regardless if the pistons are crap? Doesn't seem to be to many people that have messed around with them but any help is appreciated guys. To bore or not to bore.
  5. ***ATTENTION**ATTENTION**ATTENTION*** ***ALL ATV OWNERS**&**ALL UTV OWNERS*** DTR Racing Has over 500 products and accessories for all your ATV's and Side x Side's on sale right NOW. Check out our DTR Racing EBay store for some of the best pricing around. Don't see what your looking for? Feel free to give DTR Racing a call at (503)589-1300. http://stores.ebay.com/DTR-Racing DTR Racing 1810 Commercial st ne Salem, Oregon 97301 M-F 10am-6pm Sat 10am-5pm
  6. What do y'all think. New to site. Relatively new to banshee in all. First port. Looking for comments
  7. Hello Everyone I welcome you to my horror Story, Hopefully I can get some of my questions answered and some help to steer me in the right direction. I recently bought a banshee 01, it's my first 2 stroke. At time of purchase banshee had FMF head pipes + FMF core 2 silencers, UNI filter, Stock stroke crank, 66.25 Pistons, stock cylinders, Stock carbs with air box + lid running 300 main, 25 pilots, Gas was pump premium with 32:1 mix of BenoL, at the time of purchase Compression test was not done, just a quick ride through the gears and did notice neutral was very hard to find Also noticed that when you stand the banshee upright oil would leak out from somewhere though at the time i figured it was just overflow from somewhere After couple days riding, coolant starting leaking from the head or somewhere in that general area as the coolant started to leak on the head pipes. Replaced the radiator with an over sized one, filled with 50/50 coolant, Still same issue. Next took of the cylinder head , sanded down the top of the head slightly as it was a little nicked up, replaced the head gasket. This solved the coolant leak issue. Next ride, I started to notice that oil was dripping heavy out of the silencer pipes, I pulled off the spark plugs and they were fouled with oil, replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the carbs and went down to 280 main + 25 pilots still, Issue was still there so I went to local Yamaha dealer and they recommended to change the type of 2 stroke oil I use, I switched from the BenoL to amsoil dominator at new ratio of 40:1. This did not solve the problem. I also changed the transmission oil to belray and did notice that the oil was very watery and milky when it was flushed out. Next ride, I noticed that the banshee was not getting alot of power and kept bogging down, As i was attempting to get the bike out of the woods and back onto my trailer, the bike in mid 3d gear just stopped lost complete power, and smoke started coming from the head, I managed to push it to trailer and when I got home , I opened the cylinder head and saw that my pistons were now trash and so was the cylinder head . Further inspection i noticed that the crank rod was loose and there was alot of play up and down as the bearing inside the rod ( i think that's what it's called ) somehow ended up not there and now somewhere in the bottom end. I ended up stripping the bike completely down and as a newbie I broke some parts along the way including cracking the engine cases as I'm a dumb ass who didn't just buy a 40.00 case opener and followed some dumb youtuber smack the case open with a rubber mallet, I also noticed when I removed the clutch basket that it had alligator teeth as shown in the pictures, and that the Water pump plastic gear which is on the impeller was completely stuck on it that I had to drill a hole into just to remove though it was spinning I could not pull it off like the manual said ( yes I removed the cir-clip and washer) My issue is now I need some direction of how to properly rebuild this motor and with proper parts I ended up buying a used Crank from some random guy on craigslist , When i inspected the crank there was no play in the rods and just looked like seals need to be replaced and all the gears and bearings spun freely. How do i make sure this crank is ok? Can i take it anywhere to have it balanced to make sure it is spinning straight? Bought a new top and bottom case from ebay with No Chain break, had the cases bead blasted. I have included a picture of how I want the motor to look and I know it will not be cheap, I just want it done right, I'm not looking to resell it but ride it. Frame, steering stem, foot pegs, swing arm was powder coated Hot Candy Blue Bought new bushings and bearings for every part, new Mullen water pump impeller, new main water pump gear, V force 4 reeds, New uni air filter , PJ1 OIL and cleaner Since I will be boring the cylinders to their last bore ( not sure if it is last bore) 66.50, is it even worth it to do that? Or should i search for a pair of stock jugs with 64.00 bore and buy pistons for them. I will be buying a cool head, which type and dome size do I go with? , Im in NJ and sea level is 219 above, and I want to run premium gas with no race fuel What do I do with the cases if im trying to get that look in the photos? Have them polished? Painted? Pro's / Cons What do I do about the cylinder head? Keep it ? Replace it with Cool Head?? Why did my bike shit on me? What could have caused this failure? Crank? Oil? Water pump? The previous owner who didn't take care of it at all? Riding it in the cold? I don't want to put this motor back together and have same BS issues. Any help any suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated. If you made it this far thank you. http://s1148.photobucket.com/user/Bansheenjx/story Please look at the photos I have taken
  8. looking for a top end setup for sale Need pistons, cylinders, head. Want a ported stock stroke or 4mm ready setup. Will consider a less preformance setup for a good price. Will also buy crank! Stock or 4mm paypal ready and experience shipping needs sent to North Dakota
  9. Hey guys looking for the parts above, if the cylinders are ported I need to know by who, also dont want cylinders that are very close to their last bore. Stroker pistons need to be brand new or close to new. Domes need to be pump gas. If cylinders are ported looking for trail, play, dune port,mx port something in that area. not looking for anything like drag ports. Again, does not need to ported.
  10. CLICK HERE FOR PICS --------> http://mr1hundred.imgur.com/all/ All these parts came off a 2001, i bought the thing as a roller + the engine was in pieces All price are in USD + Shipping, i live in ontario, canada (postal code L0P1K0), prices are gifted or buyer pays fees if you want more pics or anything let me know Coolant Bottle: 5 +shipping (i have 2 of these) stock Clutch lever w/sensor, parking brake, parking brake wire (no clutch wire): 30 +shipping Tail light w/bracket: 15 + shipping y-2 cylinder head: 30 +shipping (no pitting but the bottom half of the left side was a little darker) 64mm Cylinders: 180 +shipping (also have the pistons if you want them ill send you pics, they are kinda black on the top so i wont ask for much) Airbox w/boots but no lid: 25 + shipping (there is only 2 of those clips on the side) Carbs w/tors: 60 + shipping (i opened them up they have 210 mains) Intakes+ boost bottle: 40 + shipping stock swingarm: 20 +shipping Bad axle carrier: 10 + shipping
  11. I put a 115 crank in my banshee and after much research realized it would be best to get some cylinders ported specifically for a 115 rod stroker. I have, for trade: my cylinders which are bored .020 and trail ported, the stock crank in good condition, stock carbs with caps and cables (and a couple main jets and pilots), stock head in good condition. What I need: A set of unported stock cylinders (stock bore or .020 over) or, preferably, something ready for a 115 crank with the correct bore size. Text me at 228-627-6298 for pics. Ill try to get this photo bucket working so i can post the pics here, thx.
  12. Finished a rebuild on a project 'shee, head was heli coiled pretty crudely, i time serted one stud insert out of necessity, passed on the other 9. 160lbs of compression upon assembly. 3 seconds of idle, opened the wick a few times and it backfires, blows my head studs out. The pro design head is salvageable i believe, but i need some cylinders. Or a whole top end kit. Stock bore right now, but if i could get big bore cylinders for the right price i can pick up a set of pistons. Would love a ported cylinder set with pistons to match. Could use plastics, could use stronger a arms. Have stock swingarm w/linkage if anyone needs it. also stock bore pistons i suppose if anybody needed them.
  13. I have a lot of parts to swap. I have a stock transmission (not in the picture) in good condition off a running bike. I also have everything pictured here. The stator wires are cut, but did come off a running bike (it was just wired like shit) there are 2 stock baskets, one looks brand new and the other has some grooving and a couple knicks in on some gear teeth, it rolled smooth though and was off a running bike. there are lots of parts as well as these cases that were from a running sealed bike. Has a pretty good chain whack on it. I will clean them up more before shipping. I have these CT dune ported cylinders as well as namura pistons and the stock crank. The only thing not pictured is some spots on the cylinders are repaired with heli coils, these all came off a running bike. I also have a set of boyesen reeds from the same running bike. I have a lot of smaller parts, two of each, and wont be needing both, so feel free to ask. I am not saying anything here is in awesome condition and if its not for you I don't really care to hear about it, its just stuff I wont need and it might help someone get back up and moving again before a trip or something someone could use for a cheap build project. I am looking for a GOOD set of +2+1 J arms and tie rods for my project. They would need to be for the 90s J arm banshees. Or I would be interested in an A arm conversion kit with +2+1 A arms. Not looking for anything with chrome. Also looking for: Billet clutch housing NEW flywheel Stock length round house swing arm Billet water pump gear Good carbs without TORS I am building a mild 4 mil so if you have anything that think might be of use... Just TEXT me at 17128996473
  14. As the title says, I'm going to a 4mil setup. Looking for a set of stock cylinders (maybe matching pistons?) that are ported for a 4mil longrod. Preferably NOT a drag port, as this is a woods/play/dune build. If I'm headed in the wrong direction, let me know! Otherwise, let me know what you have! Will definitely consider a trade for my stock MX ported cylinders/pistons. Not sure what bore they're at, as they're currently on my running bike. Thanks!
  15. I have a set of 4mil ported stock cylinders drag ported for Alky.. Port work done by TZracing on here he is a stand up guy and does awesome work, im sure there are several on here that will vouch for him and his work! Cylinders are fresh at 64.5 bore comes with pistons, domes and of course cylinders. 18cc domes cut for the 4mil 200psi, set up for .015 base gasket. Bore is in great shape as well as the domes and pistons. This set up ripps just ask him as they came off of his personal drag bike. looking to get $450 shipped for everything. Feel free to txt 830-596-3191
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