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Found 6 results

  1. OK so got a banshee because I wanted to build it from the case up. I have a few questions about a lot of little things. I'll upload picture with this. My case has some wear from the left side of the crank. The right side is perfectly fine. My main question about the cases is, will they need taken to a machine shop? If so I believe the guy that is doing my jugs can do this also? I've cleaned the cases almost as good as I can. And help for the case cleaning? Second, since I'm doing the entire motor I'm replacing the water pump spindal and bearings on that. Any notes to look for when ordering that? Most of the kits say hot rods kit. Does this matter? Or does it have to be a standard OEM kit? Because I can't find any. I'm also installing a new oversized radiator during this build. Along with new coolant lines. Anything else need done to have a completely new cooling system? I am also installing cool heads. Any tips on them? Or are they a bolt right on with no difference from the stock head? I believe the banshee blew up because they had on some funky air box boot on the left side. Which I am replacing both boots during this build. I also found that the idler washer and circlip had gone through the motor. I will be replacing them with OEM parts. Do I need a circlip tool to install? I am getting Wiseco pistons. I've done a top end rebuild on a banshee this is my first time splitting the cases. I am also replacing all the oil seal gaskets with a kit. Any advice on the rv you prefer to use? All advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. 421 Serval Cub Cylinders K&T Head With Cut 23cc Domes Wiseco 573 Pistons and Rings Cylinder Gaskets 4 Mill Hot Rods Long Rod Crank Clean Cases No Wack Vforce 4 Reeds 35mm Pwk's With Cable Etc.... Everything brand spanking new except the cases and the crank. The crank has very low hours and was pulled out to install the serval cylinders but I went a different route. I can include the full complete bottom end...tranny, forks, clutch setup, etc. So all you need to do is assemble. Message me so we can talk about a price and what you want. Text or call of you want - 7789807080 HAVE EVERYTHING TO BUILD THIS BABY EXCEPT SEALS AND SOME GASKETS! Sad to see it go. I had plans to build this for a mx bike but I found a great deal on a mx banshee that's ready to race so I bought it and now I don't need this. Plus I am broke as a muthafucka now haha
  3. All prices include shipping, please add paypal fees. Vito's Big Bore Cylinders, makes a 421 with 4mm crank. Fresh Nicasil, low hours. -600 V-force 3 reeds, well used -140 Pro design cool head, 18 and 20cc big bore domes, head has some wear on outside and could use fresh o-rings -130 Good set of engine cases, no chain damage -140 Stock flywheel -Make Offer Ignition Coil, stock winding spliced into ricky-stator pickup and on adjustable RS timing plate, No plugs on the end I was using weather pack plugs with it -60 Used 14 tooth and new 15t sprockets -5 each if thrown in with another purchase. TM Designworks case saver - 30 Brand new in the package pivot works front wheel bearings -20 Stock kick starter -Make offer Stock clutch basket with good clutch pack - Make offer Clutch push-rod pancake bearing- Make offer Two complete stock transmissions, I see from searching they have been a tough sell, if you're interested in one let me know. Probably going to be somewhere in the 100 range on those. Bundling is encouraged especially on some of the smaller stuff. I can be emailed at e.taylor217@gmail.com, if you have any questions or want other pictures just let me know. E-mail is the fastest way to contact me, I get it right to my phone. Thanks, Ethan
  4. $160 shipped. Bottom Dollar. No pics as the cases are still in the same box when I purchased them from NYUK last year. I paid $175 for them paypal: jdubswmu@yahoo.com Thanks -JD
  5. I have a lot of parts to swap. I have a stock transmission (not in the picture) in good condition off a running bike. I also have everything pictured here. The stator wires are cut, but did come off a running bike (it was just wired like shit) there are 2 stock baskets, one looks brand new and the other has some grooving and a couple knicks in on some gear teeth, it rolled smooth though and was off a running bike. there are lots of parts as well as these cases that were from a running sealed bike. Has a pretty good chain whack on it. I will clean them up more before shipping. I have these CT dune ported cylinders as well as namura pistons and the stock crank. The only thing not pictured is some spots on the cylinders are repaired with heli coils, these all came off a running bike. I also have a set of boyesen reeds from the same running bike. I have a lot of smaller parts, two of each, and wont be needing both, so feel free to ask. I am not saying anything here is in awesome condition and if its not for you I don't really care to hear about it, its just stuff I wont need and it might help someone get back up and moving again before a trip or something someone could use for a cheap build project. I am looking for a GOOD set of +2+1 J arms and tie rods for my project. They would need to be for the 90s J arm banshees. Or I would be interested in an A arm conversion kit with +2+1 A arms. Not looking for anything with chrome. Also looking for: Billet clutch housing NEW flywheel Stock length round house swing arm Billet water pump gear Good carbs without TORS I am building a mild 4 mil so if you have anything that think might be of use... Just TEXT me at 17128996473
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