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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone running stock carbs with 421 lp cylinders? I am looking for a starting point on jetting at 1000' asl. Also wondering if anybody has run this setup with stock carbs. mods: pc pipes k&n pods +4 timing pro design cool head 23 cc domes v force 3's stock carbs 4 mil crank assassin lp cylinders (as cast)
  2. I've got a set of stock cylinders with a stock stroke dune/play port by Jeff at F.A.S.T. The only reason I'm selling is because I'm upgrading to cubs. Before I tore the bike down, each cylinder had 135-140 psi with 20cc domes at 1000ft asl. I'm assuming they'll need a fresh bore and hone before reinstalling them, but I'll send the pistons with the cylinders if someone wants to use them again. The bike ran fine prior to taking everything apart. I don't have any gauges to measure the bore, but the wisecos are 513M06500, which I think means the bore is .050 over stock? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Both bores feel smooth to the touch. I couldn't notice any ridges or scratches along the bore with my fingernail. $225 The crank is hot rods stock stroke. As you can see from the pics, I got a little carried away with sealant the last time I put the cases together. Despite my overzealous use of sealant, the bike ran great and the bearings spin freely with no binding or grinding. I don't have an v-blocks or measuring tools to test the bearings roundness or run-out, but as I said earlier, they still spin nice and smooth and came from a good running motor. I was able to get a hold of some feeler gauges to measure the connecting rod side clearance. According to the manual, connecting rod side clearance should be between 0.25-0.75mm. As you can see, I got 0.50mm on both rods. I'll be more than happy to provide additional pics if someone has concerns. The only thing I've noticed that MIGHT need replacing would be the bearing on the flywheel side of the motor. It spins freely with no grinding or noise, but it's the only bearing that I could notice with some axial play. It might be just fine, but I have no idea and haven't dealt with enough crankshafts to know one way or the other. $150 Lastly, I also have a lovely set of stock carbs with the god awful TORS still attached. I also have the K&N clamp-on pod filters that go with the stock carbs. I don't have pics of the filters yet, will post tomorrow. The filters aren't pretty, but functional. I've also got black outerwears that I'll include, they're also pretty rough. I believe the carbs have a 27.5 pilot and 300 mains. The carbs do include the attached throttle cable. If anyone has any questions, just let me know. $70 for the carbs, $20 for the filters and outerwears. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s629.photobucket.com/user/bavhx4/embed/slideshow/Banshee"></iframe>
  3. What we have are some left over parts from a previous post and alot of new parts, I had added them to the older post but a few pages in and I thought a new post would strike some new interest. Laegers +2+1 a-arms, powdercoated silvervein, arms only..no dust covers, bolts, or sleeves. 400 shipped Stock carbs with tors removed and clamp on k&n's and brand new prefilters, will also include cable. They will be cleaned before shipping. 125 shipped. Wheelman chassis +2 roundhouse swinger. I purchased this from wheelman a couple years ago and never had painted or coated. worked great for me on my dune bike. Has bearings installed in front pivot tube. 250 shipped Hot rods stock stroke stock rod length crank. needs one rod, bearing, pin. 65 shipped. Pro wedge II tires on blue label wheels. 150 PLUS SHIPPING K&N filter with outerwear for stock box and pro flo adapter 35 shipped Brand new pro design foam two stage replacement filter part number PD207, 30 shipped each have three. One is not even opened, one has been opened, the other has been ran once. DG nerf bars with blue nets. Still in decent shape. 100 shipped Dunlap dune runner paddles, 8 paddle. 22x11x8 pretty much selling the wheels. tires are pretty bald. 55 PLUS SHIPPING American Racer mismatched tires, no wheels. brand new, factory blems. 35 each or 60 for the pair PLUS SHIPPING Goodyear runami 22x10x8 tires on douglas wheels, one wheel is dinged up a little on inside bead. again basically buying for the wheels, 50 PLUS SHIPPING Two stock swingarms, 50 shipped for both or 35 shipped each. Tub full of misc. parts. I dont feel like sorting through all this stuff at the moment, just look at the pick and make me offers on the stuff you see. Pile of stock oem cranks, no good to me. If you have the ability to rebuild them im sure you could save/make some money. May have like 4-5 of them. make offer or going to scrap pile. Stock air box, no lid. one tab on back right corner broken off. Other than that great shape. 35 shipped. Stock J-arms. white paint is pretty rough, not sure if this was an item needed either but that I would list before scrapping. 40 shipped.
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